Spendtracker - a Portable Budget Tool


Spendtracker is an "electronic budget tracker" that lets you allocate budget amounts across 10 categories & then track your spending within these so you always know how much you have left to spend.


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How It Works

3 Key Features that the Spendtracker does like no other product:

  1. Take it with you in your purse or wallet so you can record every purchase at the same time you are making that purchase (Spendtracker keeps track of both Cash AND Credit Card purchases).
  2. Keep your Budget amounts in Spendtracker so you know before you make that purchase whether you have enough in your Budget.
  3. As you make purchases, Spendtracker keeps a running total of your Budget in REAL time so you know, at all times, how much you have spent & how much left to spend in your Budget.

The Spendtracker is not a standard calculator. It has been specifically designed to track your spending either by:

Track by Spending - Start at zero & keep a running total of how much you spend OR

Track by Budget - Start with a pre-set budget & track what you have left to spend

You can also use a combination of these options across the 10 Spendtracker budget categories giving you complete control over your budget while you are making purchases.

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