• 4 steps to a simpler (and more frugal) life

    4 Steps to a Simpler
    (and more Frugal) Life

    Frugality is not a quaint pastime from the pre-credit card era, but it is something of a lost art for some people.

  • A 401k Loan to Pay Off Debts

    A 401k Loan to Pay Off Debts?

    When we're struggling to make minimum payments, money that is stashed away in a 401k plan looks tempting. But is it wise to raid that 401k to pay off your credit card debts or not?

  • Small Appliances for Cheap

    How to Find Small
    Appliances for Cheap

    Secondhand small appliances in tip-top condition are plentiful and cheap. Here are some tips when buying used to help ensure a good buy.

  • 9 ways to avoid marital money problems

    Stop Fighting about Money

    Before money troubles cause problems in your relationship, or even if they have already begun to, sit down and tackle your finances together. Here are some tips to get started.

  • How to Get Overspending Under Control

    Get Overspending Under Control

    Between your kids, spouse, and persuasive sales clerks, it seems almost impossible to say no to spending money. How can you combat the constant drain of your hard-earned cash?

Would you like topay off your credit cards in less time for less money?

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