• Do You Spend to Deal with Stress

    Do You Spend to Deal with Stress?

    When stressed or in difficult circumstances, some people drink, some people eat, and some people shop. And like other addictions, overspending can have destructive consequences.

  • Are You Stealing Your Own Money

    Are You Stealing Your Own Money?

    A successful robbery requires two parties, the thief and a victim. By ignoring these obvious 7 methods of saving money, anyone can assume both roles and begin stealing from themselves.

  • Budget

    6 Steps to Create a Budget
    That Works for You

    Follow these steps to detoxify your budget and put your money to work for you.

  • Lease Home

    Buying a Lease/Option Home

    If you are struggling to put a down payment on a home, a lease/option home just might be a smart option for you. Just be sure to consider these things first.

  • Curb Spending

    6 Ways to Curb Spending
    with Prepaid Debit Cards

    Instead of resorting to the envelope system with cash, you can set limits on your spending by using one or more prepaid cards. Here's how.

Would you like topay off your credit cards in less time for less money?

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