• Debt Course

    8 Steps to Getting Out of Debt

    Get started on The Dollar Stretcher's free debt course and begin working your way towards financial independence.

  • Economical Meals from Staples

    Economical Meals from Staples

    Need some help stretching your food dollars? These economical meal ideas, many used to feed families during the Great Depression, use just a few staples and are very simple to make.

  • Mother's Day Gift Ideas

    Creatively Simple, Inexpensive Mother's Day Gift Ideas

    Any of these low-cost, high-value gift ideas are sure to bring a smile to the face of the special mom in your life.

  • 5 Steps to Take if a Debt Collector Calls

    5 Steps to Take
    if a Debt Collector Calls

    Take the time to understand your rights as a consumer. Here are five steps to take if you're being pursued by a debt collector.

  • Selling Scrap Metal

    Selling Scrap Metal

    Do you need to call your stockbroker to make some money off the soaring cost of metallic commodities? No, you don't. You just need to clean your garage, attic, and basement.

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