• Pantry Challenge

    How to Avoid the
    Grocery Store for a Month

    Looking to find some extra money in your budget without feeling like you're stretched to your limit? Free up some cash and waste less of what you've already spent on food by trying a pantry challenge.

  • Kitchen Staples

    7 Kitchen Staples You Can
    Easily Make Yourself

    It's not all that much work to make your own condiments. In fact, making these items as you need them is quite convenient, spares a lot of space in the fridge, and also saves on the grocery bill!

  • The Top 10 Foods for Canning

    The Top 10 Foods for Canning

    Urban homesteaders, farming mamas, homesteaders, preppers, DIY enthusiasts, and frugalistas everywhere are learning the benefits and foodie pleasures of home canning. Why not give it a try?

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