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In the Dollar Stretcher Green section, find articles on all things green, including green living, simple living, energy saving, natural living, gardening and recycling. Each week discover practical, money-saving tips on such topics as purchasing organic foods, new ways to recycle, cutting back on gasoline consumption, protecting the environment and much more.

My Story: Homemade Laundry Detergent
Make your own laundry detergent.

Happy Homemaking the Homemade Way
It's easier than you think to get started with homemade cleansers.

10 Ways to Eat Organic on the Cheap
Could she make their diet 90% organic in 3 months without bloating her grocery bill?

Recycling “Gray” Water
Putting this resource to good use.

Getting to Know Your Fruit Trees
They have their own vocabulary.

Adventures in Gardening: Worming Your Way
Worms promote good bacterial growth, aerate compacted soil and help organic material decompose.

Growing Protein
We're used to growing veggies, but can you grow protein in your garden?

The Chicken Tractor
The modern homestead version of a chicken coop.

The Dollar Stretcher Community

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Self Sufficient Living
Discuss home remedies, gardening, alternative energy, rural issues, and how-to's.

Frugal Food and Cooking
All about food: Shopping, keeping, cooking, recipes, advice and more.

In the Garden

Money-saving gardening tips for keeping your garden healthy and productive.

Natural Gardening
Practical reasons for doing it naturally.

Natural Disease Controls for Your Plants
Your soil can be your biggest ally in the battle against plant disease.

Invastion of the Little Ants
Winning the war with invading ants.

Adventures in Gardening: Lawn Fertilizing
When and what to feed your lawn.

Natural Weed Killers
Would you like to get rid of your weeds without using pesticides?

Visit the Dollar Stretcher gardening section for money-saving tips on all aspects of gardening and preserving what you harvest.

Simple Living

Eliminate the clutter from your life and strip away what is not important to you.

Developing a Frugal Attitude
Frugal is an attitude that allows people to spend less.

What Is Simple Living?
Why not slow down and enjoy the moment?

Contentment Robbers
Change your ideas of luxury.

Conspicuously Thrifty
Ways to be envied for your thrift.

Confusing Simplicity With Frugality
Are they two peas in the same pod? Or are there significant differences? And should you care?

Working with Simplicity
Can voluntary simplicity and a career co-exist?

10 cool ways to whack your utility bill
Trim your monthly utility bill with these tips that will lead you out of the darkness.

Video: Save big with a backyard garden
Food costs eating up your budget? Try growing your own produce.

Make biodiesel, fill up at your own pump
With fuel prices spiking, mixing in a little biodiesel will stretch a tank of diesel.

7 ingredients of a money-saving garden
Lettuce help you save some green by encouraging you to plant your favorite veggies.

Let the sun lighten your electric bill
You can power your home using the sun. Going solar can lower your long-term electric bills.

5 green banking tips to save the planet
Green banking is an environmental movement for making, saving and lending money.

Video: Do an energy audit
An energy audit may save you money. Here's how to do it yourself or call in a specialist.

6 tips to save on home heating
Take the chill out of winter with these money-smart tips to save energy in your home.

Video: Frugalize your utilities
Changing your habits can save you money on your utility bill.

Discover the many uses of baking soda
Get your money's worth from a single box of baking soda.

Frugal $ense: Kill weeds on the cheap
Are you shelling out $10, $20, $30 or more for a bottle of some mass-produced, TV-advertised weed-killing spray?

5 ways to slash energy bills
High home energy bills zapping your wallet? These five steps can save power and juice savings.

Video: Save on organic food
Here are some ways to get organic foods you want without breaking your budget.

Video: Going green - entertainment
Have fun, save money -- and the environment by following these tips.

Video: Going green - paperwork
Going paperless? Here are many "green" options that can also save you money.

Home energy management can save you money
Home energy management systems can cut your monthly utility bills. Find out how, and how much.

Video: Go green by trading in your old electronics
You can save money and the Earth by trading your old technology for cash.

Do energy-efficient appliances add up?
Efficient appliances can mean big monthly energy savings, but do they make financial sense?

Video: Going green in the kitchen
The way you cook and clean up in the kitchen can cost you money and the environment.

Video: Waste water, waste money
Save money and the environment by making changes in how you use water in your home.

Video: Going green in the laundry room
A few simple changes in the way you wash can help you save money and save the planet.

As gas prices rise, will buying an electric car save money?
Thinking about ditching your gas guzzler and going electric? Here's how to make a compare by calculating your overall cost per mile.

Want to cut electric bills? Beware the 'phantom loads'
Many of today's devices continue to sip power in 'standby' mode, so cutting off the worst offenders can cut your bill.