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Frugal Money Tips 13 Ways to Score a Bigger Raise

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20 Somethings Multi-Generational Housing

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Frugal Baby Boomers Writing a Will

  • House Poor

    Don't Become House Poor

    Picture the house of your dreams. Now picture yourself inside that house, sitting on the floor because you can't afford furniture. This is what it is like to be house poor.

  • Paying for a Medical Emergency

    Paying for a Medical Emergency

    More people than ever are being devastated by the crushing weight of medical bills. But there is hope. You just have to take charge of your situation.

  • Color in Home Decorating

    Establishing Credit

    One of the big steps to adulthood is establishing credit. And it's important that you get off to a good start. The record you build now will follow you throughout your life.

  • Resurfacing Countertops

    Resurfacing Countertops

    Would you love the look of a brand new kitchen, but don't have a lot of cash? The solution is to resurface your counters instead of ripping out and replacing them.

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