• Resume

    Writing a Job Winning Resume

    As an editor, he's helped hundreds of people whip their resumes into shape and get on their way to new careers. Here's what he says you should be doing with yours.

  • Housesitter

    Why You Might Want
    to Become a Housesitter

    Whether you choose to housesit for a cost effective vacation or a long-term commitment, it can open up a whole world of possibilities and simultaneously save you a substantial amount of cash.

  • Nest Egg

    9 Smart Ways to Tap Your Retirement Nest Egg

    Congrats! You've saved a long time for a wonderful retirement. But follow the rules.

  • Resolutions

    Don't Give Up On Your
    Financial Resolutions Just Yet!

    If you've already reached the point where you're considering dumping your financial planning resolutions, read on... we might have some tips to easily get you back on track.

  • How to Win a Scholarship

    How to Win a Scholarship

    Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well. If you are applying for a scholarship, there are certain steps you need to take to increase your chances of being chosen.

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