• Reduce Your Water Bill with Rain Barrels

    Rain Barrels & Your Water Bill

    Rain barrels are an extremely affordable way to harness Mother Nature's bounty, and much more beneficial to your garden. Here are some tips for adding rain barrels to your home and garden.

  • Creative Kids' Rooms on a Budget

    Creative Kids' Rooms on a Budget

    With a little imagination and a touch of whimsy, you can create a custom-made room for your child without spending much money. Here's how.

  • 4 Ways to Save During the Workweek

    4 Ways to Save During the Workweek

    A lot of indiscriminate spending is done in the name of helping us get through the workweek comfortably. But you can get through your workweek on a budget and come out a happier person.

  • Selling a Home Online

    Selling a Home Online

    Over 85% of home seekers check home listings online first, before stepping foot on the property or even driving by. Follow these tips to create a good online impression.

  • 6 Facts Baby Boomers Need to Know About Credit

    6 Facts Baby Boomers
    Need to Know About Credit

    Baby boomers have seen the use of credit change dramatically in their lifetimes. How will these changes affect them as they head into retirement?

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