• Where Will Fido Go On Vacation?

    Where Will Fido Go On Vacation?

    Sometimes it is most practical to travel without your pooch or other family pet. Thankfully there are several good options for what to do with your pet when you are away.

  • 401k Plans Explained

    401k Plans Explained

    Like most good things, the 401k retirement plan has some strings attached and you should understand what they are. Just who has control of your investments in your 401k account?

  • Frugally Freezing Meats

    Frugally Freezing Meats

    Buying meats on sale and freezing is a great for reducing your food bill, but losing your meats to freezer burn can get expensive. How do you freeze meat without losing its taste, texture, or quality?

  • Green Cleaning with Essential Oils

    Green Cleaning with Essential Oils

    In addition to making your house smell wonderful, there are other great benefits to cleaning with essential oils. Here's a list of favorites and how to use them.

  • Other Uses for Pallets

    Other Uses for Pallets

    Over time, pallets become too damaged to be used commercially or for industry. That's good news for you, because there are numerous uses around the house for discarded pallets.

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