Bake yourself a delicious Christmas with these frugal holiday recipes

Christmas: Baking & Recipes

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Enjoy a Guilt-Free Holiday

Shaunna Privratsky

The holiday season is approaching. With Thanksgiving, the whirlwind of eating, buying, eating, decorating, eating, wrapping, baking, and eating begins. If you're trying to stick to weight loss goals or just want to avoid extra holiday pounds, try these tips for some guilt-free gobbling.

Pie Baking Tips and Recipes

Jill Cooper

If you love to bake and have the time to do so, then go for it, but don't feel guilty if you can't. There are many ways to get homemade taste without as much work. Here are some pie baking tips that bakers and non-bakers alike will love!

Frugal Holiday Baking and Recipes

Reader Contributors

Dollar Stretcher readers always have the best tips, tricks and ideas! Here we've compiled some great ways to master holiday baking the frugal way. There's also a few recipes that you will not want to miss!

Plan Ahead for Holiday Meals

K.M. Praschak

It may not be cold enough for sipping eggnog yet, but it's the perfect time to start planning holiday meals. With crazy food prices and the maddening shopping rush that's coming, you'll be thrilled you thought ahead.

Make-Ahead Recipes to Freeze for the Holidays

Lois Breneman

Extra hours around the holidays are a godsend. Any shortcuts we take in the kitchen will give us more time and energy to be used elsewhere. Along with trimming your tree in the next few weeks, trim down your kitchen time over Thanksgiving and Christmas with these great recipes.

Easy Does It Christmas Food

Monica Resinger

With all the busyness and fuss of the holiday season, doesn't an "easy does it" Christmas snack buffet sound great for a Christmas Eve celebration? Here are a few tips to plan your own snack buffet. When you have time, take out a piece of paper and start writing down some possibilities.

Christmas Cookies: A Tasty Holiday Tradition

Amanda Formaro

Every year, right after Thanksgiving, many start to think about filling their grocery carts with goodies that will fill their kitchens with festive smells. It's the time of year when we bake, and bake, and bake. So why not turn some of these delights into a gift than any recipient would love to get. Just wrap them carefully and send them on their merry way to relatives, neighbors, and friends.

Make-Ahead Turkey for the Holidays

Deborah Taylor-Hough

Whether you believe it or not, it's possible to roast a turkey ahead of time and store the cooked meat in the freezer to reheat and serve on the big day. With these simple freezing and reheating instructions, you'll have moist, delicious turkey. The best part is that no one will know that you didn't spend the entire holiday slaving away in the kitchen.

Festive Party Punches

Brenda Hyde

There is something very festive about a bowl of punch served from an old fashioned punch bowl. Whether you are visiting with family on Christmas Eve or throwing a traditional New Year's Eve bash, try one of these festive punch recipes!

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