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How to Buy a Christmas Tree

Rich Finzer

Many people can not imagine Christmas without a live tree filling their home with wonderful scents. Assuming you've decided to spend the money for a live tree, there are several basic tree facts to keep in mind, because each affects how much you'll end up paying, as well as other factors.

Faux or Real Fir?

Shaunna Privratsky

The debate rages on about real versus artificial trees, sometimes splitting families. Some have to have a real tree while others swear by artificial. There are advantages and disadvantages to both varieties, none more apparent than in your budget.

Potted Christmas Trees

Monica Resinger

Each holiday season, she thinks about getting a live, potted Christmas tree. It sure would save a lot of money as long as she can keep it alive because she should be able to use it as a Christmas tree for a few years. Then when it grows too big to be a Christmas tree, the tree could be planted in the yard, in the community or in the forest. But could she keep it alive?

Taking Care of Your Christmas Tree

Brenda Hyde

Christmas trees can be beautiful and enchanting or they can be dry and brittle, appearing ready to burst into flames. We all forget to give the proper care to our lovely trees at times. It really doesn't have to be that way if you follow this list of tree tips that are easy to remember.

Easy Family Trees

Marit Welkery

In a day of convenience foods and rampant consumerism, the most personal gifts are always appreciated. What's more personal than a family tree? By using genealogy's premier website to create a family tree for a loved one, you can give them a priceless keepsake.

Getting the Most for Your Christmas Tree Dollar

Gary Foreman

Here's a look into one family's quest for the perfect Christmas tree. Along the way, they discuss ways to keep their investment (and we all know that trees can be a real investment!) alive and well through the holiday season.

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