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Parties & Entertaining: Planning
Save on Hosting Holiday Parties


Let's face it... The holidays are expensive. A lot of people forget to budget for throwing holiday parties. Food, drinks, decorations and even the extra utility costs can add up to a substantial sum. Are you hosting a holiday get-together at your home? Here are a few tips that will help you cut costs.

5 Tips for Classy, Frugal Holiday Fun


Is your entertaining budget drained? You can still host a holiday party with panache. It just takes planning and ingenuity to create champagne parties on a beer budget. Here are are some easy ways to polish your holiday event without breaking the bank.

Slideshow: Top 5 Champagnes & Sparkling Wines Under $55

courtesy of FindTheBest.com

The holidays are fast approaching, bringing parties and family gatherings to mind. Spread the holiday cheer with the perfect present, namley a bottle of champagne. Nothing feels as luxurious as popping a bottle of sparkling wine to celebrate special occasions. Enjoy an expensive-tasting bubbly at wallet-friendly prices with the top five best champagnes and sparkling wines under $55.

6 Ways to Throw a Great Party for Less


With a little ingenuity and some help from a few party pros, you can host a great gathering for a lot less money than you'd think. Make it affordable, easy and free of stress with these 6 ideas.

Holiday Gatherings

K.M. Praschak

Although my family has a tendency to migrate to the TV after a big holiday meal, we could try a few more entertaining ideas for our holiday gatherings. Entertainment doesn't have to cost a lot. Try one of these ideas if you've had enough of the sports and reality shows.

Plan Ahead for Holiday Meals

K.M. Praschak

The weather might not be cold enough for a glass of eggnog, but now's a good time to start planning your holiday meals. With crazy food prices and the seasonal shopping rush coming quicker than we care to realize, you'll toast yourself for thinking ahead.

Company's Coming!

Reader Contributors

She's looking for quick, inexpensive meal ideas that she could use for company. As a working mother, she's looking for good slow cooker recipes or a make-ahead casserole. Our readers share their "company pleasers."

Opening Your Home for the Holidays

Cheryl Gochnauer

'Twas The Night Before Visitors, and all through the house, the hostess was obsessing, drafting children and spouse. Do you really need to dust the top of the refrigerator? Relax. Your home should be comfortable, not spotless. People are coming to see you, not conduct a white-glove test.

Gourmet Holidays: How to Plan Your Party

Liz Tarditi

Planning a holiday party? Here are some party planning basics, like estimating the amount of food and beverages you need, keeping within a budget, and a few common sense things that you should always have at your party.

Gourmet Holidays: Buffets

Liz Tarditi

Ever wonder how high-end hotels and caterers set up, arrange, and organize buffets so they seem expensive, but keep costs low? You don't have to have ten tables of food and a carving station to take advantage of the common sense solutions that are widely used in the industry.

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