The way to a loved one's heart just might be through their stomach with one of these frugal gift ideas

Christmas: Homemade Food Gifts

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Summer's Bounty, Winter's Delight

Veronica Hunsucker

Without planning and creativity, holiday shopping can put a strain on anyone's budget. When the weather is hot, you have the opportunity to save money at Christmas by giving gifts from the heart, made or grown by your hands.

Homemade Candy Gifts

Monica Resinger

To save money each holiday season, think about giving homemade candy as gifts. I have received homemade candies as gifts and I always love it when I do. It gives me a chance to try new candies and appreciate the fact that the giver spent time on me. I have also given homemade candies as gifts and found it to be a fun tradition.

Packaging Homemade Goodies

Amanda Formaro

Beautiful cookies, delicious brownies, and homemade candies are wonderful gifts from the heart. But what are some creative ways to wrap your treats? Try some of these ideas when wrapping up your holiday gifts.

The Family Cookbook

Linda Sikut

Do you have special recipes that your family truly loves? Why not create a family recipe book that you can pass on to your children when they are ready to cook for themselves?

Freezer Gifts

Ellen Lawson Ferlazzo

Food is a welcome gift for most people. Busy young mothers, young adults that are busy working and/or going to school, and elderly people can all enjoy a night off from cooking without the expense of dining out. Providing wholesome, healthy meals rather than just the sweets that are so often given this time of year is a loving thing to do for your friends and family.

Holiday Mix and Gift Recipes

Deborah Taylor-Hough

Looking for ways to save money at the holiday season? How about giving gifts specially made in your kitchen? Here are some great recipes for various mixes that you can give for special treats and even for whole meals. Just nestle all the ingredients that go together in a basket and decorate! Maybe include a small kitchen utensil, a dishtowel, or a festive ornament.

Last Minute Christmas Gifts: Easy Homemade Candies

Kim Tilley

Still looking for something for that hard-to-shop-for special someone? Give them candy! No time? No problem! These recipes are easy and delicious. You'll find these recipes easy, low-stress, and inexpensive. And the recipients will love them!

A Tasty Holiday Tradition

Amanda Formaro

Every year, right after Thanksgiving, I fill my grocery cart with delectable goodies that will fill my kitchen with wonderful smells. It's the time of year when I bake, and bake, and bake some more. Every Christmas, I make several types of homemade goodies, wrap them carefully, and send them on their way. Some go to relatives, others to neighbors and some to friends.

Inexpensive Food Gifts

Reader Solutions

She's looking for easy-to-make, clever, cost efficient, food-related gift ideas. And our great readers share their festive ideas!

Traditional Christmas Crafts: Pomanders and Herb Balls

Rae Osenbaugh

Christmas is not only about presents, good food, and family get-togethers. It also about traditional scents that quickly conjure up holiday memories. So, this year, consider making two items that will fill your recipient's home with wonderful fragrance. Try your hand at making pomanders and herb balls.

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