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This year, give the gift that keeps on giving: a new financial tool. Tool belt optional, of course. Since most of us focus on spending rather than saving or investing during the holiday season, you won't find most of these gift ideas in your favorite holiday catalog.

Imaginative Gifts for Seniors

Susan Sundall

Everyone has at least on elderly person on their gift giving list at Christmas. Many of them seem not to want more "stuff" in their lives. If your friend or relative is confined to a senior residence or home, finding the right gift is even tougher. In this situation, space for things is often an issue. So what's a gift giver to do? Here are 10 unusual, frugal ideas that will bring a smile to even the most over-stuffed senior.

Practical Presents That are Sure to Please

Shaunna Privratsky

It's time to start making lists and checking them twice. Perhaps you are not really in a giving mood. Maybe you're tired of giving expensive presents that either get taken back to the store or sit around gathering dust. You want to be generous, but also practical. Here are some smart practical presents that are sure to be used by your grateful loved ones and friends.

My Story: A Winter Gift

contributed by JR

When I presented my boyfriend with his gift three years ago, he did his best to appear excited (he clearly wasn't). It was a chiminea. While he was clearly "underwhelmed" when I unveiled the gift to him, all that changed the first evening we used it!

My Story: The Gift of Life

contributed by LB

Something recently brought back a bittersweet holiday memory to me. It was the year my terminally ill father was hospitalized and needed a blood transfusion. At the last minute, they found the O-positive type blood he required. Otherwise, he would not have lived to Christmas. Some wonderful person gave us unconditional love in the form of donating blood. We will never know who this donor was, but I wish I could thank him/her in person!

My Story: A Gift for Granny

contributed by Debora

There's value in sharing your memories with those you love. I shared a memorial poem with the family of my late uncle. I later wrote a letter of remembrance for my mother on Mother's Day. I also wrote a poem for my aunt and uncle on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary (printed on parchment paper and beautifully framed). And the latest project is a poem of an uncle's daredevil exploits as a boy. With a little time and perhaps a lot of thought, you, too, can present the people you love with a lasting treasure.

A Priceless Gift

Michelle Jones

But, what's this thing called "giving" all about anyway? Is it really about how much money is spent? Of course not. Is it about who gives the most or who receives the best? Absolutely not. Is it about giving from the heart (within your means) and caring about others? Absolutely, yes! The great news is that you don't have to overspend your budget to be generous. Being generous does not mean spending a certain amount of money or giving much more than you can afford. Instead, it means giving what you can and giving from your heart.

Great Gifts for Grandma

Nancy Twigg

Choosing a gift for Grandma can be a challenge, because grandmothers usually have more than enough of everything they need. That's why you must use creativity to come up with something. This year, try one of these gift ideas that allow your family to express your love for Grandma in a way that is anything but ordinary.

Thoughtful Gifts for Teachers

Reader Solutions

It happens every year. Your kids come home from school and announce that they want to give their teacher the "best gift ever" this year. But, you're at a loss on what to give. Our readers share their great ideas for thoughtful teacher gifts that will actually be used and appreciated.

Shippable Presents

Reader Solutions

Have family overseas and need shippable gift ideas? Our readers share their great ideas for nice presents that are lightweight, not oversized, and not overly fragile or expensive.

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