You don't want to still be payng this year's bills next Christmas!

Christmas: Paying Off Holiday Debt

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Perfect-Credit Hack: Pay Off Remaining Holiday Debts


Here's how to hurry up and pay off that holiday debt so you can keep your credit score in check.

Recover from a Holiday Spending Hangover


If the holiday season left you with a huge credit card bill, you're probably feeling debt's bite. And while you're paying down post-holiday debt, try these 7 ways to spend smarter. You'll reduce expenses without denying yourself or racking up new account balances.

7 Tips to Beat the Post-Holiday Debt Blues


The stores are decked out in red and green. The shopping season looms large. And retailers are hoping for big numbers in this year's holiday spending. If you're determined to escape the cycle of holiday overspending, here's how to do it.

Repaying Christmas Bills

Gary Foreman

Did you start out the new year with a Christmas bill hangover? So what are you going to do about it? You could just keep paying the minimums, but that would take forever. Or you can aggressively look for ways to shrink those Christmas bills. Here's a look at a couple of options.

Pay Off Holiday Debt

Kristen Garrett

The New Year is here and you may be dealing with some holiday leftovers, not just useless gifts or extra pounds but leftover debt from gift giving and entertaining. If you find yourself faced with holiday debt, there are some steps you can take to pay down your debt and get back on track with your finances.

Paying Off Holiday Bills

Gary Foreman

Many people dread January. That's when the bills come due for all the gifts and holiday partying. Depending on how big the balance, it may take until summer to pay it off. What's a consumer to do? Just as the smart shopper compared prices in November and December, the smart credit card user pays off the resulting bills as quickly as possible.

Credit Card Balance Transfer: A Good Idea?


The post-holiday blues have set in along with hefty credit card debt. Your plans for a Christmas-within-your-means fell short, and now you're faced with the prospect of paying off your holiday spending for the next six months or longer. But, there might be a better way.

4 Ways to Pay Off Holiday Debts

Gary Foreman

As always, Americans will spend quite a bit on Christmas gifts this year. For a good many shoppers, most of this spending will go on credit cards. And, if history is any indicator, those holiday debts won't be paid off until next May or June. Suppose that you don't want to be laboring under those Christmas bills for months to come? Is there something that can be done to get them paid sooner? Yes, there are things that you can do now to get holiday debts off your back. Let's take a look at a couple of strategies you might want to consider.

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