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How Stacking Can Stretch Your Christmas Budget

Paige Estigarribia

Looking to save money this Christmas? Why not try out a new strategy called stacking? And what goes into stacking? On a broad scale, stacking means layering discounts on top of each other to get a lower price. Success with stacking depends on several things, including restrictions on the discounts, where you're shopping, and how you're shopping. But if you stay on the lookout for good deals, chances are that you can benefit from stacking!

Tips to Avoid Holiday Impulse Buying


If you made an unplanned purchase last month, you weren't alone. These unplanned purchases often lead to regret. Impulse shopping can really hurt at this time of year. A lot of consumers will break their budget on presents. And decorations, holiday cards, entertaining, dining out and travel can stretch expenses as well. Here are some tips to manage holiday-season spending.

6 Places Where You Can Buy Last-Minute Gifts


Believe it or not, with a little creativity, you can find nice presents in a host of places from convenience stores to airports to coffeehouses. Suddenly realizing that you need a few presents right away? Here are six truly last-minute venues that can present some cool options for gifts.

6 Mistakes to Avoid While Holiday Gift Shopping


So how about a few tips to help you save time, money and stress when you shop? Money, shopping and credit experts share six of the common mistakes consumers make when they shop for the holidays with their best tips for avoiding them.

Best Christmas Layaway Strategies

Reader Solutions

Did you put too many presents on your credit card last year? Just finish paying them off? Let this year be different. Layaways may help you to avoid having credit card bills in January. Our readers share some advice on layaways and what stores offer the best programs.

Holiday Shopping

Shaunna Privratsky

Do you start to panic when December arrives? Is money a constant worry as you run from store to store looking for the perfect gift? Do you dread those credit card bills that you'll probably be paying off until the middle of July? This year, you can change all that. You'll become one of those envied, organized shoppers who can spot a bargain from across the parking lot and has everything mailed the first week of December. You'll have a handle on how much you can comfortably spend without breaking the bank.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Deborah Jeanne Sergeant

November and December represent the worst months of the year to start your Christmas shopping. The stores overflow with customers, the pressure to buy regardless of cost is huge, and it's easy to let a lack of time and increased emotions sway us to spend more than we need to spend. It's bad for us, but good for the credit card companies. These tips will help you plan ahead so you can stay sane, save money, and enjoy the holidays.

5 Minute Guide to Finding the Best Price Online

Diana Ratliff

Finding the best price for the gifts can drive you crazy at the best of times. If you add a holiday deadline, limited budget and a long list, you've got major stress. Even if you shop online for the sake of convenience, the experience is frustrating. Who can you trust? Which vendor has the best price? What about customer service? And how can you find the answers to those questions fast?

7 Simple Steps to Save on Your Holiday Shopping

Julie Hood

Do you love to shop as much as I do? It's even more fun when I find great deals in a limited amount of time. As the holiday season approaches, here are a few of my favorite ways to save time and money when shopping for holiday gifts.

Saving While Shopping Retail

Rosie Reeves

There are some people who lack appreciation for handmade gifts (never mind how much time, effort and love were put into them). Some people also seem to look down at items found in discount and clearance bins. I call them "gift snobs" and only a new item purchased at retail will satisfy them. Don't give up! You can still find ways to save money and win the approval of your favorite "gift snob" with a little smart shopping.

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