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40th Birthday Party Ideas

TDS Reader Contributors

Planning a birthday can be inexpensive for everyone involved. TDS readers share their suggestions on planning an inexpensive and unforgettable 40th birthday party!

Decorations for a 25th Anniversary Party

TDS Reader Contributors

Looking for great, inexpensive ways to celebrate a 25th Anniversary Party? TDS readers share their suggestions on planning an inexpensive party!

Frugal Cocktail Parties

Video - Jeff Yeager

If you are hosting a holiday bash this year, consider a cocktail party. Cocktail parties can be an inexpensive alternative to a dinner party. In this video, the Ultimate Cheapskate has a few tips to help us throw the cocktail event of the season without busting our holiday budget.

Tailgating Game Rules!

Video - Jeff Yeager

A tailgate party can be a fun, frugal way to celebrate just about anything. This week, The Ultimate Cheapskate teaches us how to tailgate like a champ on a cheapskate budget, whether you are having a pre-kick off party at a stadium or tailgating right in your own driveway.

A Wardrobe Swap Party

Julieanna Fisico

Do you have too many clothes but nothing to wear? For most people, completely revamping your wardrobe by going on a shopping spree just isn't an option, especially if you've got bills to pay or kids to feed. Here's a solution that will rekindle your love for your wardrobe and get you feeling great about getting dressed again (and won't cost you a penny)!

Surprise 30th Birthday Party

TDS Reader Contributors

Looking for great, inexpensive ways to celebrate a 30th birthday? TDS readers share their suggestions on planning an inexpensive surprise party!

Throw a New Years Bash for Less Cash

Shaunna Privratsky

The start of a new year brings hope, excitement and, for some, dread at the high cost of a big blowout New Years bash. Planning ahead takes the sting out of expensive merry-making. First of all, decide if you want to hit the town or stay in. Do you want to mingle with a boisterous crowd during the countdown, or are you imagining a more intimate evening? There are many cost-cutting options for both choices.

Husband's Special Birthday

TDS Reader Contributors

Looking for frugal birthday ideas? TDS readers share their suggestions on planning an inexpensive and unforgettable party!

Winter Wonderland Party

TDS Reader Contributors

Need some help planning a party this winter? TDS readers share their ideas on creating a memorable winter themed party for less.

Start Your Own Supper Club

Kate Wicker

When it comes to forming a supper club, the sky's the limit. It seems the only required ingredients for a supper club are food, companionship and a dash of fun. Here is what you need to know to start your own.

Throw a Thrifty Tailgate Party

Erin Huffstetler

Cheering your favorite sports team on with a tailgate party can be a lot of fun, and you may be surprised to learn that it doesn't have to cost a lot of money. Put your frugal sense to work, and you're sure to plan a tailgate party that's as affordable as it is fun.

40th Birthday Surprise

My Story - contributed by Jen

Planning a surprise birthday can be inexpensive for everyoine involved. Jen shares her story about her 40th birthday surprise that proved to her that great memories don't have to cost a fortune for the party thrower or the party goers.

Retirement Party Ideas

TDS Reader Contributors

Need help planning a retirement party? Or ideas for fun, yet affordable ways to entertain all those guests? TDS readers share their creative and inexpensive ideas to make a retirement party affordably memorable!

50th Birthday Party Songs

TDS Reader Contributors

It can be a lot of fun, and touching, to put together a photo slide of a person's life for their 50th birthday. And it can be even more memorable when you have the right music to play along with the pictures. TDS readers share their suggestions for songs about growing up that would be well suited to accompany such a slideshow.

18th Birthday Party Ideas

TDS Reader Contributors

Want to please a picky teen with an 18th birthday bash? Try these tips and ideas for making their 18th a party they will never forget.

40th Anniversary Party Ideas

TDS Reader Contributors

Tired of planning an anniversary party with "the same old thing" such as punch, cake, and streamers? Our readers, including a few event planners, share their creative, yet affordable, party ideas.

Scavenger Hunt Ideas

TDS Reader Contributors

Adults like to have fun too! So why not throw an adult themed scavenger hunt with some of these ideas?

The RoMANtic: Throwing the Perfect Piñata Party

Michael Webb

A pinata can be a wonderful addition to an adult birthday party, an anniversary celebration or a way to give a Christmas present. Just think of the items you could put in it (besides an engagement ring box). Here are a few examples.

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