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Promposals: The Expensive New Prom Trend


Limo drivers, jewelers and florists rejoice: Itís "promposal" season! Making "will you go with me" sound more cool than awkward can be rather expensive, according to a new survey by Visa. The credit card network, which asked about the pre-dance sales pitch for the first time in this year's prom spending survey, says the average promposal eats up more than one-third of a student's prom budget.

High School Graduation Party Ideas

TDS Reader Contributors

Looking for some creative ideas for a High School graduation party? Try these tips and ideas from our TDS Reader Contributors.

Ideas for Daughter's 13th Birthday Party

TDS Reader Contributors

Looking for ideas for a Daughter's 13th Birthday Party? Try these tips and ideas for making their 13th a party they will never forget.

Tween Girl's Birthday Party Ideas

TDS Reader Contributors

"My daughter's birthday is coming up. She's a typical tween girl. I'd like to do something special, but we do have a limited budget. Can anyone help with ideas for a fun birthday party?"

Prom Party Decorations

TDS Reader Contributors

"My soon-to-be 13-year-old daughter and all of her friends are crazy about celebrities and all things Hollywood. She wants to have a 'glam' birthday party at home for her friends. I'm not even sure where to start. I don't want to embarrass her. Can anyone help me with some ideas?"

'Glam' Birthday Party for a 13 Year Old Girl

TDS Reader Contributors

"Our daughter wants to host an after-prom party. We don't mind hosting, but we don't have a lot of money that we can put out to decorate. How would you decorate for a group of high school kids celebrating on their prom night?"

Throwing a Successful Child's Birthday Party

Sara Reid

All parties are not created equal, and you don't want your child's party to be the lamest one all year. Whether you are planning a sweet 16 or planning a bash for your child's fifth birthday, you want the gathering to be fun and memorable. Here are some simple tips to help you throw a party that all the guests are sure to enjoy.

Graduation Parties

Jill Cooper

Your son or daughter graduates this spring and wants to have a graduation party afterwards for family and friends but you do not have a whole lot of money to throw a big shindig. here are some ideas for finger foods, salads, and decorating that can fit into most budgets.

8th Grade Graduation Party Favors

TDS Reader Contributors

"I'm planning an outdoor eighth grade graduation party for my daughter. I've come up with tons of outdoor games to keep the party hopping, but what can I offer as prizes? It needs to be inexpensive as I have a lot of kids and a lot of games."

18th Birthday Party Ideas

TDS Reader Contributors

Want to please a picky teen with an 18th birthday bash? Try these tips and ideas for making their 18th a party they will never forget.

Wholesale Prom Party Supplies

TDS Reader Contributors

Looking for cheap Prom decorations? TDS readers share their ideas on how to decorate the Prom on a tight budget.

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