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Keeping Your Baby Warm at Night

Readers' Solutions

If you have a toddler who seems to have an aversion to blankets and socks, you might feel the need to keep the house warmer to ensure your toddler stays toasty. These tips will help you keep your little one warmer while keeping your electric bill lower.

5 "Must Have" Baby Items You Can Live Without

Christine Cooney

It is easy to get caught up in all the cute clothes and fancy baby gear when we're expecting, but baby certainly will be none the wiser if he or she does not have the most stylish wardrobe in the maternity ward. Before you spend a lot of money on those "can't live without" baby items, check out this list of five baby items you really don't need. Your wallet will thank you!

My Story: What We Learned from Baby #1

contributed by Amanda T-H

These five common sense tips will help you fit a new baby into the budget without even changing your budget. Because, as well all learn after baby #1, baby does not really need all the clothes, potions and lotions that tempt new moms to overspend.

Reduce the Financial Strain of Preparing for Baby

Maureen Bennie

A new baby doesn't have to stress the financial family life. With careful planning and a willingness to bargain hunt, you can reduce the financial strain and simply enjoy your new arrival.

Baby on a Budget

Dawn Lloyd

It's natural to desire all of those adorable baby items, but they can get costly very quickly. Here are a few tricks that can make parenting easier on the wallet and help you, as a new parent, avoid that new baby 'sticker shock.'

Making Room for Baby!

Tammy Harrison

The manufacturers of baby items count on the fact that you are elated at the prospect of being a new parent. Don't let them play on or gain from your emotions. Here's how to keep your baby spending in check.

Buying Baby's Layette on a Budget

Dawne Brooks

Try these 13 tips to obtain the the ever-expanding baby layette (and all the baby gear that goes with it) on a budget. They are all examples of ways to save that any frugal parents or parents-to-be should know about!

Saving Time and Money When You Shop for Baby

Sandy Jones

What your baby really wants is to be kept close to you. They want to be nursed, rocked, carried around, and talked to. Expensive baby paraphernalia just gets in the way of that, so why spend the money? Here's a list of things you might wish to reconsider before purchasing for baby.

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