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Cutting the Cost of Baby's First Year

Video: The Dollar Stretcher Interview

It's estimated you will spend over $14k in the first year of your baby's life! But that little baby does not have to be such a huge expense. Watch this interview to learn the many ways you can keep baby's first year costs to a minimum.

Money Issues You Might Not Anticipate When Having a Baby

Live Like a Mensch

What are the costs associated with having a baby that no one thinks about? Take a look to see if there is anything on this list that you have left off of your baby budget.

Bundle of Joy: The Costs of Adoption vs. Surrogacy


Often times, surrogacy and apoption can cost far more than having a baby the traditional way. Here is a breakdown of the costs of surrogacy and adoption and an explanation of the availabe financing for those couples who have difficulty having children naturally or simply feel that either of these options is best for them.

4 Ways to Stretch Your Budget for a New Baby


With a bit of planning and some savings strategies, you can prepare for a new baby without blowing your budget. Here are four easy ways to save on baby expenses.

When is Having a Baby Financially Doable?


If you can, don't wait until you already have a baby to determine whether you can actually afford one. From buying a load of diapers to making necessary changes to career goals, here are some points to consider before having a baby.

Top 5 Baby Strollers

courtesy of FindTheBest.com

After taking a look at the strollers on the market, you may be wondering how to pick the best one. No worries... We're here to help.

An Economical Approach to Caring for a Newborn

Christine Allen

Babies don't ask for much except love, attention, comfort, and a place to sleep but they can become very expensive, without even trying. If you follow these five tips, you can give your baby everything he or she needs using products of high quality, but at a significant savings in cost.

My Story: An Experienced Mom Prepares for a Baby

contributed by Deidra R.

When you are expecting your first child it is very, easy to overspend since you are not always sure what gadgets baby really will need and you tend to get caught up in all the cute things available for baby. Take some advice from a mom of three as to what items a baby truly needs and which are extravagant extras, as well as tips for saving on the baby stuff you do need to get.

Mom's Guide to Saving on a New Baby

Lisa Leslie-Williams

The thought of feeding, clothing, and caring for another human being can be scary, but here are some ways to face this challenge head on.

9 Steps to Preparing for Parenthood


Don't miss these 9 things expectant parents can do to make pregnancy and the first years of parenthood less bumpy.

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