How will your bankrutpcy affect your spouse?

Bankruptcy and Your Spouse

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Keep Partner's Credit Safe from Bankruptcy?


If you file bankruptcy and jointly own a home and a car, your partner's credit could be hit.

Bankruptcy May Not Harm Spouse's Credit


Filing a lone bankruptcy can ward off foreclosure and spare your spouse's credit.

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Wife's Credit Hurt by Hubby's Bankruptcy?


Hubby's $60,000 in debt doesn't have to cut off wife's access to student loans.

Am I a good candidate for bankruptcy?

You Can File Bankruptcy and Exclude Spouse


Sure, file for bankruptcy if it's your debt only. But good luck trying to keep it secret.

Make Sure Fiance's Bankruptcy Won't Affect You


Getting hitched? Here's how to make sure your hubby-to-be's bad credit won't be married to you.

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