Save big on the beauty budget by making your own homemade lotions, masks, balms and more

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Natural Living: Cosmetics & Body Care
  • Bath Bomb Recipes

    Readers' Solutions

  • Rejuvenating Beauty Treatments Using Oats

    Nicole Palacios, BSc

  • Homemade Hair Detangler

    Readers' Solutions

  • Do-It-Yourself Beauty Treatments

    Jennifer Colonia

  • Affordable Homemade Shampoo

    Readers' Solutions

  • Homemade Masks and Scrubs

    My Story - contributed by Zoe

  • Homemade Hair Products in Minutes

    Stephanie Pedersen

  • Grandma's Recipes for Super Skin

    Irene Helen Zundel

  • Natural Products for Beautiful Hands

    Irene Helen Zundel

  • Fantastic Facial Masks

    Irene Helen Zundel

  • Homemade Lotions and Toiletries

    Deborah R. Dolen

  • Homemade Balms and Toiletries

    Deborah R. Dolen

  • Pampering Recipes for Mom

    Brenda Hyde

  • Homemade Bath Salts

    Readers' Solutions

  • Homemade Salves

    Gramma Schneider

  • Recipes for Homemade Facials

    Readers' Solutions

  • Homemade Hair De-Tangler

    Readers' Solutions

  • Finding Ingredients for Natural Cosmetics

    Readers' Solutions

  • Recipes for Homemade Toiletries

    Readers' Solutions

  • Homemade Hand Lotion

    Readers' Solutions

  • Homemade Cosmetics

    Sandra Kinney

  • Bath Bombs: Basic Recipe

    Brenda Sharpe

  • All-Natural Facial Masks

    Readers' Solutions

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