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4 Ways to Save on Hair Care


You could easily spend $1,000 per year or more on hair care. Here are four ways to save money on hair care without sacrificing the basic quality of care.

Natural Dry Hair Solutions

Readers' Solutions

I struggle with my dry hair. I use conditioners, but I don't like all those strange ingredients. Plus, conditioner can be pricey. Is there a natural solution for dry hair that's cheaper, too? Our readers share their thoughts.

Hair Care Savings

Readers' Solutions

In your household, does it seem like the shampoo and conditioner budget quickly goes down the drain? Caring for your crowning glory shouldn't cost you a king's ransom. Here are some easy ways to save money on hair care.

Frugal Solution to Dry Hair

Readers' Solutions

I have long hair, and it has gotten very dry and split. I don't want to cut it off, so I need solutions that don't cost a fortune. Does anyone have a frugal answer for dry hair? Our readers share their great ideas.

Stretching Your Hair Color Dollar

Tricia Goss

Who wants to spend money on hair color when it only fades out after several washes? The good news is that you can help make your fresh hair color keep its luster longer.

Be Brave and Save on Haircuts

Norene Paulson

How brave are you when it comes to your hair? Need a haircut but a little short on cash? Look your best with these "brave," "braver," and "bravest" solutions to your hair care dilemma.

Hair Care Fact vs. Fiction

Paula Begoun

Before you buy another hair care product, know these basic facts so you can differentiate between truth and fiction when it comes to your hair. Understanding these facts will give you a better perspective on what you are buying.

Hair Care on the Cheap

Deborah Jeanne Sergeant

Hair care products go right down the drain along with the money you spent on them. And didn't your kids just have haircuts yesterday? So, why are they looking shaggy already? These tips can help you can maintain a great style that's easy on your wallet.

How Realistic Are You About Your Hair

Victor Sabino

As a stylist, it never ceases to amaze me how clients choose hairstyles that don't reflect what their hair will do. As a first step, make sure to take a close look in the mirror, so your expectations don't lead to disappointment.

Home Hair Coloring

Readers' Solutions

I'm a 40-year-old brunette who's starting to find some white hair. What tips and recommendations do your readers have for successfully coloring hair at home? Also how do I keep it up well without roots showing?

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