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  • 4 Ways to Save on Hair Care


  • Homemade Shampoo

    Carissa Carrington

  • Natural Dry Hair Solutions

    Readers' Solutions

  • Hair Care Savings

    Readers' Solutions

  • Homemade Hair Detangler

    Readers' Solutions

  • Inexpensive Hair Conditioner

    Readers' Solutions

  • Frugal Solution to Dry Hair

    Readers' Solutions

  • Stretching Your Hair Color Dollar

    Tricia Goss

  • Affordable Homemade Shampoo

    Readers' Solutions

  • Be Brave and Save…on Haircuts

    Norene Paulson

  • Affordable Hair Conditioner Solutions

    Readers' Solutions

  • Hair Care on the Cheap

    Deborah Jeanne Sergeant

  • How Realistic Are You About Your Hair

    Victor Sabino

  • Home Hair Coloring

    Readers' Solutions

  • Adventures in Home Hairdressing

    Rachel Muller

  • Homemade Hair Helpers

    Stephanie Pedersen

  • Hair Care Fact vs. Fiction

    Paula Begoun

  • How to Be a Savvy Hair-Care Consumer

    Paula Begoun

  • 7 Secrets to Beautiful Hair

    My Story - contributed by Natalie

  • How I Got My Hair Back

    My Story - contributed by Twyla in Texas

  • Cut Your Own Hair

    Cathy Conrad

  • Less Expensive Hair Care Products

    Readers' Solutions

  • Frazzled Frizzy

    Readers' Solutions

  • Summer Buzz Cuts

    My Story - contributed by Jennifer

  • Homemade Hair De-Tangler

    Readers' Solutions

  • Oily Hair Secret

    Paulette Bulger

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