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Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Review

Kathleen M.A. Powell

A professional spray tan looks fabulous, but it's possible to achieve a similar result at home with Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs. It won't last as long, but it's definitely an awesome substitute for pasty legs. Do I look like I'm wearing pantyhose? Nope, but they sure do look a lot better.

Facial Cleaning Cloths

Readers' Solutions

She's looking for something to use in place of expensive face cleansing cloths. She loves the way they make her look, but she can no longer afford them. What choices does she have? Our readers help out.

Shaving Tips

Readers' Solutions

Want to have flawless shaved skin, but don't know how to achieve it? Our readers share their best shaving tips. Don't miss them!

Affordable Bath Products

Readers' Solutions

Have the taste of a princess when it comes to bath products but the budget of a pauper? No worries! Here's how to find affordable luxury for your bath.

Beauty and Bath Products Too Harsh? Mix It Up!

Gilla Grosinger

Many people have problems with skincare, and in the attempt to find suitable products, inevitably some, no matter how beautiful, will have to be discarded. Or will they?

Is the Price of Relaxation Stressing You Out?

Tawra Kellam

Do you often find yourself stressed? Save your hard-earned money and don't spend it trying to pamper yourself. Instead, use these frugal bath and beauty ideas to ease your stress.

Acne Solution

contributed by Elisa

Food doesn't cause acne. Dirt and oil do. My first tip is to keep hands and phones away from face. Cheeks and chin are the most acne-prone area from dirt and oil. Don't miss my other top tips for getting rid of acne.

Grandma's Super Skin Secrets

Irene Zundel

My Grandma had beautiful skin with a peaches and cream complexion. Even in her 80s, she barely wrinkled! She was a simple woman of modest means. She couldn't afford trips to a spa or pricey cosmetics. Yet she had the skin of a movie star. Her secret?

Relief from Stretch Marks

Readers' Solutions

How does a person get rid of stretch marks? I gained about 50 pounds very rapidly with my first pregnancy (toxemia). I also gained stretch marks practically everywhere. I am desperate for help. Our readers reach out with tips.

Homemade Pore Strips

Readers' Solutions

Although I love how commercial pore strips clean out the pores on my face, I don't love the price of them. Is there a way to make them at home?

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