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10 Things You Don't Want to Get Caught Doing In Your Bathroom

Shari Smith

Do you wash money down the drain by the choices you make? Here are ten budget-busting things you don't want to get caught doing in your bathroom.

Homemade Natural Sink & Shower Cleanser

Carissa Carrington

Faced with a dirty mess in her teenagers' bathroon, she came up with a natural cleaner that gets the job done and leaves their shower stall sparkling.

DIY Mold Removal

Alina Bradford

Is mold in your home making you think you may have to move? Follow these tips to make your home a much more comfortable place to live. Be sick less and have less allergy related symptoms without spending a bunch of money.

Easy Clean

contributed by Mikki

She cleaned military family quarters for over 20 years as a part-time job while her kids were small. Her husband was a career Air Force man and they moved often so this allowed her to have a job at each new base they were stationed. Here are a couple of tips she learned over the years.

5 Bathroom Tips to Make Life Easier

contributed by Beth

Looking for a few easy bathroom cleaning tips to make your life a little easier? Then we've got just the thing. Here are some tips you don't want to miss.

Cleaning Fiberglass Showers

Readers' Solutions

She needs some help cleaning textured fiberglass shower walls. She cannot get the "grunge" off the floors and soap scum off the walls. Our readers step in to help with their great cleaning suggestions.

Cleaning Insulated Toilet Tanks with Bleach?

The Natural Handyman

She just had her toilet tank insulated. Can she still use toilet tank cleaner tablets with bleach? The Natural Handyman answers her question.

10 Steps to a Sparkling Bath

Candy Lucas

If you are a working parent, you may have little time and money to spare. Between work, cleaning, running errands, and taking children to and fro, there's barely time to breathe, much less spend any quality time with family. Here are some tried-and-true methods to clean your bath using less time, effort, and money.

24 Uses and Recipes for Baking Soda

Irene Zundel

Inexpensive, versatile, and environmentally friendly, baking soda has a myriad of uses. Here are two dozen of them, some you may have never tried before. From reducing baby's fever to cleaning dentures, and ridding your garden of pests, baking soda can be an easy and cheap solution to your problems.

An Impossibly Stained Toilet

The Natural Handyman

They just bought an older home. Their list of to-dos is long, but the most pressing one is their toilets, which have awful stains. Do they have to get new toilets or are there products that will clean them?

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