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Laundry Organization
10 Ways to Cut the Cost of Cleaning

John Brasington

Cleaning your home can not only be time consuming, but expensive too. What you want is tried-and-tested cleaning tips and time-saving techniques that not only do the job, but save you money at the same time.

13 Ways to Use Soap Nuts

Christine L Taylor

Soap berries (or so called soap nuts) will not only keep you from the strain of hauling heavy laundry detergent bottles, but will also save you money.

How to Clean a Gas BBQ Grill

Readers' Solutions

We've all been there. It's nearly time to put away the gas grill for the season. You use it a lot and it's a few years old. You're thinking of replacing it, but wonder if a good cleaning would do the trick. Here's some advice on how to do a deep cleaning on a gas BBQ grill to keep it going for another BBQ season.

Ceiling Fan Cleaning & Maintenance

Benjamin Roussey

Don't ignore your ceiling fans any longer. Regular maintenance keeps them at peak performance. It also enhances their lifespan. Knowing how to prevent and correct dust accumulation, loose screws, wobbly blades, and noise only takes minutes.

How to Clean Copper Pots & Pans

Readers' Solutions

How do you clean copper pots and pans with cooked-on food? Our readers got together to share tips on how to get rid of burnt on crud.

5 Days to a Cleaner Home

Paige Estigarribia

For many of us, devoting an entire weekend or even a few uninterrupted hours to deep cleaning our homes is difficult. A clean and organized house is great, but getting to that point with a full-time job, a family, or many other responsibilities might be difficult on a weekly basis. So how about breaking up your cleaning tasks to be done according to a daily schedule, so you aren't faced with four hours of house cleaning on a Saturday?

How to Save on Cleaning Supplies


It's not common for people to discuss how much money they spend on sponges, paper towels and window cleaner, but the cost of cleaning supplies can add up quickly. How can you save money on cleaning products? Here are three frugal ways.

How to Clean a Stone Fireplace

Readers' Solutions

What's the best way to clean a stone fireplace? Our readers share their ideas on how to clean a stone fireplace

Cleaning Drapes

Readers' Solutions

Use these tips and tricks to clean your drapes inexpensively.

Cleaning the Things That Clean

Tricia Goss

Make a habit of cleaning appliances once a month. The more regularly you do so, the less scrubbing and toiling you will have to do. Your appliances will work, look, and smell better, too!

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