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Cleaning Leather Furniture

Readers' Solutions

This reader is looking for suggestions on how to clean leather furniture. Her husband's chair has "oil/grease" marks from where his head rests. Our great contributors share their ideas on cleaning leather furniture.

Cleaning Plastic Outdoor Furniture

The Natural Handyman

Looking for a solution for removing mildew from the plastic strips on motel-type outdoor furniture? After trying baking soda, vinegar, ammonia, etc. to no avail, you may want to try this idea from The Natural Handyman.

Problem Pet Hair on Carpet & Furniture

Readers' Solutions

This reader has two cats and is having trouble getting the cat hair out of her low-pile carpets and off furniture. She's tried vacuuming it with several different vacuum cleaners, but it's not working. Our contributors share their ways to successfully remove pet hair from furniture and carpeting.

Leather Upholstery Repair

Readers' Solutions

Do you have a piece of leather furniture that has developed a crack or tear? Our readers suggest ways to repair leather upholstery.

Cleaning Upholstery

Readers' Solutions

She has a couch and loveseat that are cream, almost white, that really need to be cleaned. She wants to try cleaning them herself and is looking for ideas on how to go about it. Our readers share their suggestions.

Removing Odor from a Smelly Chest

Readers' Solutions

A beautiful old cedar chest given to her, but unfortunately, when she opened it, it smelled like mice had inhabited the chest and left an odor of mouse excrement. She's tried airing the chest and putting in some cedar chips, but the smell persists. Our contributors suggest ways to get rid of the smell.

Removing Water Stains from Furniture

Readers' Solutions

Is there a way to remove water spots on wood furniture? Our contributors share their creative suggestion on how to remove water spots, including plain old peanut butter.

Cleaning Old Wood Furniture

Readers' Solutions

They just received a 100-year-old piano and are unsure how to care for it. Her parents were smokers, so she assumes there is a smoke build-up on it. She doesn't know how to tell how heavy the wax build-up is, but the surface is dull. What's the best way for the initial cleanup and what would work best for upkeep? Our contributors share some ideas.

Eliminating Musty Storage Smells

Readers' Solutions

She has a storage unit with the contents of her house stored in it. Among her items, she has a couch with matching chair that are in perfect condition, but have gained an awful musty smell. She's looking for suggestions on how to remedy this. Our readers share some ideas.

DIY Upholstery Cleaning

Readers' Solutions

Has anyone cleaned a "professional clean only" piece of furniture? She has a recliner that needs to be cleaned. She's tempted to use her power steamer's upholstery attachment with either water or a water and vinegar solution. Our readers share their thoughts.

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