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Pet Care
Natural Pet Odor Control

Shireen Shah

When most people bring home a pet, they don't take into account the accompanying "pet smell." As most pet owners know, there's a variety of "pet smells," none of them pleasant. The problem is worse when owners own multiple pets, especially canines. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to combat this.

Natural Cleaners Safe for Pets

Readers' Solutions

They have two dogs and currently use natural cleaners in their house. They would like to continue this, but wanted to know if somebody has any other ways to make natural all-purpose and floor cleaners that are safe for pets. Our readers chime in with their suggestions.

The Best Vacuum for Pet Hair

Readers' Solutions

What's the best vacuuum for pet hair? Our contributors share their thoughts on the vacuums that pick up Fido and Fluffy's hair best.

Problem Pet Hair

Readers' Solutions

This reader has two cats and is having trouble getting the cat hair out of her low-pile carpets and off furniture. She's tried vacuuming it with several different vacuum cleaners, but it's not working. Our contributors share their ways to successfully remove pet hair from furniture and carpeting.

Dog Hair Blues

Readers' Solutions

They decided to let their new puppy become an inside dog and now their house is full of puppy hair. Their fabric sofa is covered in it and it doesn't vacuum up very easily. Their kids just adore having her in the house. Does anyone have any suggestions for theiry soon-to-be outside dog?

Removing Pet Urine Smells

Readers' Solutions

How can they get cat urine odor out of their carpet? They have a kitty who decided to "tinkle" in the same spot for a number of weeks. The urine has seeped down into the padding. Although they have used the standard over-the-counter products for neutralizing and deodorizing, the odor creeps up every now and then. Our readers offer suggestions.

Getting Rid of Pet Urine Stains

Readers' Solutions

Does anyone know how to remove pet urine stains from rugs? Her poodle has made his "mark" on her off-white area rug by urinating on it and she is having trouble getting rid of the stain. Here's what our readers suggest.

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