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Using Lemons for Health and Cleaning

Dianne Tyndall

Lemons do a lot more than just make lemonade, and our grandmothers knew it. We have forgotten many of the beneficial things lemons can do. So let's find out all the ways that Grandma would use lemons in her home.

Homemade Cleanser Recipes

Alison Wood

Frugal and creative people have been mixing up their own cleaning solutions for centuries. Big department stores were not around. Women had to make their own cleaning solutions, and they were good at it!

Homemade Natural Sink & Shower Cleanser

Carissa Carrington

Faced with a dirty mess in her teenagers' bathroon, she came up with a natural cleaner that gets the job done and leaves their shower stall sparkling.

Homemade Dishwasher Detergent

Carissa Carrington

You may be concerned with reducing the amounts of chemicals in household cleaners. Anyone with allergies or sensitive skin would highly benefit as well. Whip up a batch of homemade dishwasher detergent and give it a try. Let's start a movement to get clean the natural way.

Homemade Floor Cleaners

Readers' Solutions

Looking for an effective way to clean floors? Use these tips, tricks and recipes that will get your floors sparkling clean.

7 Uses for Baking Soda

AC Gaughen

Baking soda is sold for pennies an ounce and is one of the safest substances that you'll ever use for any cleaning purpose. Yet, very few people use it for more than recipes. Instead, we stock a bunch of harsh cleaners, deodorizers and chemicals. To save money and keep your home safe, consider all these fantastic uses for baking soda.

Just 4 Ingredients

Barbara Sloan

Baking soda, salt, bleach and vinegar are here to save the day and your budget, too. You can easily and quickly make household cleaning supplies with them. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Natural Products for Spring Cleaning

Linda Shapero

Spring is here, and it's time to get out the mops, brooms, sponges, and dust cloths. And don't forget all the cleaning products. If you don't already have a lot of cleaning products on hand, shopping for them can cause quite a dent in your wallet. Plus, you're adding all kinds of chemicals to your home. Is there a natural way to spring clean?

Homemade Cleaners

Tawra Kellam

Here are some tips for using and making your own homemade cleaners from Dining on a Dime Cookbook by Tawra Kellam and Jill Cooper. Most are simple and only take a few minutes to mix.

Natural Cleaners Safe for Pets

Readers' Solutions

Use these tips, tricks and recipes to make all-natural cleaners for your home that will be safe for your four-legged friend as well.

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