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You've realized that your credit card debt is beginning to affect your finances. You may just be keeping up with the payments or you might be falling a little behind. In any case, you know that things aren't going to get better on their own. You're going to have to take action if you don't want more trouble in the future.

The question is what should you do. And, the answer is: you don't know. That's not surprising. You see ads for all kinds of debt reducing strategies. And you have no way of knowing which ones are legitimate and which ones are just out to take what's left of your money. Getting scammed would just make things worse. That's why we're offering this tool from We want to see you working with reputable people.

Why First, we know that they're trustworthy. We've known and worked with them in a variety of ways since 1998. We've seen them help tens of thousands of people get out of credit card debt.

Second, they're not offering a 'one size fits all' solution. Firms that can only offer you credit counseling will always think that's the best answer for you. Talk with a bankruptcy attorney and there's a good chance that's the road that they'll suggest. The people at have all the tools available to them. Where they direct you will be based on your specific situation and needs.

Find out: Am I a good candidate for credit counseling?

Find out: Am I a good candidate for bankruptcy?

That's why we recommend and encourage you to use the simple form below. Or if you prefer call the toll-free number. You're not committing to anything by contacting them. But you could be taking the first step to debt-free financial freedom!

After you've interacted with please tell us how it went for you. Good or bad. We want to hear both. We have an affiliate relationship with them and expect them to hold to the high standards that we want for everyone affiliated with The Dollar Stretcher. Your feedback helps us maintain a high standard.

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