If you enjoy soda, you will enjoy these less expensive and healthier alternatives

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3 Ways Cutting Soda Saves Cash


Perhaps you've been telling yourself that your near-daily diet soda habit is fine. It's calorie-free, right? But see how cutting back on soda will definitely improve your bank balance, and might also improve your health. Here are a few reasons why cutting back on soda can help you save money.

Product review: SodaStream

Paige Estigarribia

How much could you save if you didn't have to buy soda? A lot! But some of us like a refreshing soda now and again. So we reviewed the SodaStream to see if making soda at home could be as good as the pre-made stuff as well if it could be cheaper.

Inexpensive Soda Substitutes

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Next to frequenting a coffee shop, buying soda can be a huge budget buster if you let it. And it is not the best for your health. If you'd like to break a soda habit for either health or financial reasons, these suggestions for soda alternatives can help.

Soda Alternatives

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If you are trying to ween your family off of soda, try replacing with these refreshing, cheaper and healthier alternatives.

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Drinking Water in All Seasons

Leanne Ely

Take a look at these benefits by quitting the soda habit. The see if it isn't time to drink up and make your next one a water!

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