A look at the cookware you'll find in the frugal cook's kitchen as well as tips for extending the life of your cookware

Frugal Cookware

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Cast Your Vote for Cast Iron

Leanne Ely

How Iron Cookware Saves Money

Debra Karplus

Recoating Non-Stick Cookware

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What Cooking Pans Are Best?

TDS Reader Solutions

Dusting Off the Old Crockery Cooker

Deborah Taylor-Hough

Best Kitchen Knives On Any Budget

Ken A.

Renewing Pots and Pans

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Second Hand Secret: Cast Iron Pans

Lara Stewart

Buying Pots and Pans

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Buy groceries, earn cash back at Checkout 51

Repairing Non-Stick Cookware and Alternative Choices

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