What type of heating is best for your home?

Comparing Costs of the Different Ways to Heat Your Home

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Calculating Space Heater Electric Usage

TDS Reader Contributor

Knowing how much it costs to run your space heater.

Cheaper Heat

TDS Reader Contributor

Is electric heat cheaper than gas?

A Coal Stove for Savings

Linda Hull

Lowering your heating bills this winter.

Quartz Infared Heaters

TDS Reader Contributor

How efficiently do they heat your room?

Burning Wood

Pat Veretto

Wood heating is no longer a social statement, it's a practical solution.

Gas vs. Electric Heating

Gary Foreman

Keep winter energy bills manageable/

Gas vs. Electric Heat

Gary Foreman

Will an electric space heater reduce her natural gas bill?

Selecting a Space Heater

TDS Reader Contributor

How do oil-filled and other heaters compare?

Choosing a Space Heater

Gary Foreman

Which is the most efficient and safest?

Buying a Furnace

TDS Reader Contributors

What's the best time to buy a new furnace?

Energy Saving Gas Fireplaces

Christine Cristiano

A case for gas over wood fireplaces.

Buying A Home With Electric Baseboard Heat?

TDS Reader Contributor

Readers compare electric baseboard heating systems.

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