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Keeping Chipmunks Out of Your Yard

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Chipmunks and their burrows can quickly destroy a yard. So how do you humanely rid a yard of these cute little pests? Our readers share their tips and tricks.


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Nightcrawlers can leave a yard lumpy and uneven, making walking difficult and mowing a real treat. Is there a way to get rid of night crawlers short of putting up a "Worms For Sale" sign? Our readers share their tips and tricks for getting rid of nightcrawlers.

Bad Hare Day

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"Does anyone know of an effective non-toxic rabbit repellent? I've been unable to find anything organic that works."

Doggie Don't! Keeping Dogs Out of Your Yard

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How can you keep neighborhood dogs from using your yard as an outhouse?

Getting Rid of Moles

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"How do you get rid of moles? I have one that is ripping up my yard and I don't know how to get rid of him."

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Controlling Lawn Grubs Organically

Arzeena Hamir

Beetle grubs can turn a fine looking lawn into a patchwork quilt of yellow spots. But before you reach for the insecticide bottle, there are a number of organic alternatives that will help you cope with the grubs without poisoning yourself or your family.

Grubs & Japanese Beetles

Mira Dessy

Is there a relatively inexpensive way to treat a lawn for grubs? When you have a large lawn, buying commercial "grub fighter" for all of it can be quite costly.

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