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Transporting Your Pet Cross Country

Debbie Karplus

According to, people typically transport their dogs for several reasons. They may want to vacation with their beloved furry friend. Many people must transport their dog or cat across the country because they're relocating because of a job or some other reason. Transporting a cat or dog is sometimes fun and often a necessity. Carefully assess how well your pet has travelled in the past and the specifics of the intended trip before committing to a mode of travel.

Cut the High Cost of Pet Care with These Easy Tips

Bankrate Video

You can love your pet to the moon and back, but that doesn’t mean that being a pet owner has to break the bank. Here is some information to help you save on pet care.

Comparing the Top 5 Pet Loyalty Programs

Rafay Saeed Ansari

We love our pets deeply, but it would be nice to save a few bucks on pet care every now and then. Instead of opting for mediocre pet care facilities, you can join a loyalty program offered by a good store. You can save on everything from nutritious food to pet products.

How Can I Safely Transport My Dog in The Car?


Interested in taking your new dog on trips with the family? Follow these tips on family outings to keep your pet safe while in the car.

Pet Insurance: A Good Value or for the Birds?


Whether you have a fluffy kitten or a purebred, 100-pound Rottweiler, as a pet owner you can expect occasional trips to the veterinarian. And even routine care can trigger sticker shock. Pet insurance -- with monthly premiums that range from less than $10 all the way up to around $100 -- can cover some of your pet's medical expenses. However, whether it makes sense for your budget is debatable.

Contain veterinary costs for your pet


We Americans will spend over $58 billion on our pets this year -- twice as much, in inflation-adjusted terms, as 20 years ago, according to the American Pet Products Association. Here are some ideas for containing those pet-related costs.

Help Affording My Pet Supplies

Eric Mohrman

When efforts to stretch your dollar further become less a lifestyle choice and more a survival necessity, things can get scary. This holds especially true if your responsibilities include caring for pets. Companion animals are part of the family, but what happens when you can no longer afford to feed them or purchase the basic supplies they require? Fortunately, opportunities to find assistance with pet care have increased in recent years.

Save on Pet Care When You Travel


Traveling is tough when you have pets. When you make pet care arrangements for your furry friends, make sure they'll be as comfortable as your budget.

10 Doggone Ways to Make Pet Travel Easy


Fido or Fluffy may be anxious to go for a ride in the car with you, but traveling with your pet can be a lot more comfortable -- and far safer -- with the proper accessories for pet travel. Check out our tips to make pet travel easy, and consider these auto accessories to make Fido's ride safe and fun.

10 Ways to Save on Pets

Renee Morad

Pets can be expensive. But no matter whether you have a dog, cat, bird, or pet turtle, there are some simple ways to save on the cost of caring for your pet without skimping out on their needs and even some luxuries. Here are some cost-conscious ways to care for your pet.

Reducing the Cost of Pet Care

Veronica Bowman

With dogs and cats being a part of the family, the cost of pet care, pet food, and pet supplies must be incorporated into the monthly budget. Just as with all other monthly expenses, finding ways to keep this expense as low as possible is essential to a frugal living lifestyle. You may be surprised at the healthful and easy ways that you can reduce pet care costs.

Adding Up 7 Costs of Owning a Pet


That lovable puppy or kitten at the shelter will steal your heart. But before you go to the shelter, count the costs of pet ownership so you can budget your spending while keeping Fluffy or Fido happy. Consider what you'll pay for your dog or cat in food, vet visits, boarding while on vacation, toys and treats, bath and grooming, and beds.

Don't Lose Your Pet to a Bad Economy

Lori Pasternak

Do we pay the mortgage or surgery for the dog? That's the question a lot of pet owners face in this challenging economic landscape, and unfortunately, it's a question that's coming up a lot more often. Pet owners should consider the same kind of preventative medical visits that their own doctors recommend for them. Here are some suggestions.

Putting Your Pet in Your Will


While we may consider our pets family members, our legal system considers them property. Fortunately, you don't need a fortune or a formal trust to provide for your pets. You simply need to identify a caregiver, arrange funding to help your pet live a happy, healthy life, and plan for their comfort and safety in the days after your passing. Here are the steps.

How Much Does Owning a Pet Cost in a Year?


Prospective pet owners should ask more than "How much is that doggie in the window?" before deciding whether they can afford to welcome an animal into their home.

Affordable Pet Care

TDS Reader Contributors

Looking for some tips on affordable pet care? The Dollar Stretcher readers share their tips and tricks on finding affordable pet care without skimping on wellness visits and vaccinations.

Keeping Your Pet Out of the Economic Doghouse

Sarah Pepel

Millions of pets in the United States are euthanized because there are no homes for them. In a difficult economy, many pets are abandoned to reduce homeowners' costs, but just like anything else in the house, with a little planning and research, pet care can be less burdensome on the budget.

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