A good understanding of how Social Security works can help you make the most of your benefits

Social Security Basics and FAQs

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7 Social Security Sins

Maryalene LaPonsie

These 7 mistakes that could reduce your benefits.

How Social Security Works: Nuts and Bolts of the Benefits Program


This important thread in the fabric of the economy still helps prevent poverty in old age.

Don't Wait Until Retirement to Learn these 5 Things about Social Security


You probably know less than you think about when to claim Social Security.

7 Little-Known Social Security Benefits You May Not Know About


Knowing these rules may make a difference in how much you'll get in Social Security benefits.

Social Security Benefits If You’ve Been Married More Than Once

Gary Foreman

Could you be getting a bigger check each month?

If I Continue to Work, Will My Social Security Check Grow?


If you're still on the job, your benefits can still go up. Find out how it works.

Don't Fall into these Social Security Traps


If you earn too much, your benefits might be taxed -- or even reduced. Follow these tips.

Will you leave
thousands of dollars on the table
by taking Social Security
at the wrong time? Find out.

How a Restricted Application for Social Security Spousal Benefits Works


A restricted application can be a better Social Security filing strategy. Find out why.

Social Security Survivor Benefits for Widows, Widowers


Make provisions for a secure financial future for your spouse. Here's a handy guide.

Does a Widow Get Social Security for Two?


Grief can be followed by disappointment when survivors benefits are misunderstood.

Can Your Social Security Check be Garnished?


Most creditors can't garnish your monthly check, but a few do, including the IRS.

Can I Cash My Late Husband's Social Security Check?


Here's what happens if you cash a dead spouse's check.

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When are Social Security Benefits Taxable?


Most people don't pay tax on their government benefits, but here's when they do.

Will my Social Security Benefits Get Cut if I Work?


Here's what happens to your Social Security if your earnings exceed a certain amount.

Do Social Security Benefits Change if I Move?


Social Security spousal benefits may change for some Americans if they move. Here's why.

When Spouse Dies, When Do Social Security Benefit Payments End?


When someone collecting Social Security dies, rules govern when benefits are halted.

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