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Paying Taxes with a Credit Card

Bill Hardekopf

While convenient, paying your taxes by a credit card can have significant drawbacks. If you charge your taxes and don't pay off your card balance in full, you will be subjected to your card's high interest penalties each month you carry a balance. If you feel you must pay by credit card, here are a few tips.

Tax Bill Too Big? IRS Offers Payment Options

TDS Reader Contributors

If this year's tax filing deadline will be a "pay" day for you and you don't have the cash, the Internal Revenue Service gives you several payment options. See which will work best for you.

We Owe the IRS Taxes from Years Ago


"My husband owes back taxes from tax years 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003. We were told to wait out the statute of limitations. I am not sure how long that is. Could you tell us when we will have out-waited the statute of limitations on the tax years listed above?"

How Can I Dispute Charged-Off Debt with the IRS?


You think you paid up but the IRS says you still owe. You can take one of these approaches with the IRS to avoid paying tax on the debt you repaid.

Unpaid Taxes

TDS Reader Contributors

"I haven't filed any tax returns for about five years, mostly out of sheer laziness and the overwhelming task of dealing with all that paper and figuring medical, charitable and mileage deductions, etc. I usually get a refund so that is not the issue at all. The IRS put me on backup withholding, but that's it. I don't even know if I have all the records for past years. How do I get started filing taxes again?"

Internal Revenue Service Offers Tax Answers


If you have a question about your taxes, the Internal Revenue Service has answers. Here are ways to get your tax questions answered by the IRS via the telephone or the internet.

5 Questions to Ask Your Tax Attorney


Do you need a tax attorney? In order to choose the right professional to help you with your situation, it's important to determine if he or she is qualified. Here are five questions to ask to find the right one for your situation.

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