Even expensive theme park attractions can be affordable with smart planning!

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7 US cities with plenty of free attractions


They say that the best things in life are free. If that's the case -- and we think it is -- it's fortunate that there are so many free things to do everywhere. With a little research, you're bound to find tons to do for gratis, both near you and when you're traveling. Bankrate has rounded up seven cities in which there are plenty of free attractions.

Factory Tours

Video - Jeff Yeager

Looking for some free family fun? Why not try a free factory tour? There are hundreds of factories around the country ready to open their doors to you and your family so you can see first hand how they do what they do. The Ultimate Cheapskate tells us about some great factory tours the whole family will enjoy.

9 Ways to Have Thrifty Theme Park Thrills


Every year, the kids clamor to head to a theme park, water park or Disney property, and if all that noise doesn't give you a headache, the prices just might. After paying entry fees, it can feel like you're being blindsided by little extras that can add up to an extra $100 per day or more. Here are nine ways to save on your theme park escape, whether you're headed down on a water slide or up on a roller coaster.

Skip Disney World for a Fun, Frugal Farm Vacay


Cows, crops and chickens, oh my! Learn about food, pre-grocery store, but sidestep the manure.

Planning a Frugal Theme Park Vacation

TDS Reader Contributors

Would you like your family to do a Disney theme park for cheap? How do you save money while visiting "the happiest place on earth"? Here are some tips from other TDS readers who have done just that.

Two Free Days at Disney

Chris and Kristal Carlson

Walt Disney World can be one of the most expensive attractions on Earth. But many Disney experiences don't cost a cent! To kids, the magic of Disney is the same in a theme park or the free areas. And as a parent, seeing your child's excitement will be the priceless vacation moment. In that spirit, here is a family itinerary for two full days at Walt Disney World that's inexpensive enough to satisfy your budget without skimping a bit on Disney magic.

Fun Factory, Brewery and Winery Tours

Jeff Yeager

For only the cost of a smile, you can see dolls being made at the Turner Doll factory, sample otherworldly teas at the Celestial Seasonings plant, and see Harley-Davidson Motorcycles roar off the assembly line. The tour of Ben & Jerry's ice cream factory is a hit, particularly the sampling stop in the FlavoRoom. You can even take a virtual tour of the Spam Factory at the Spam Museum. Here are some resources for finding great family factory tours as well as brewery and wine tours for the adults.

Zoos! A Listing for Summer Visits

TDS Reader Contributor

It's always good to find a frugal family outing. Most zoos are relatively inexpensive and full of information and entertainment. If you're a member of one zoological society you may find that you can gain free entry to another through exchange privileges.

Disney World for Less

My Story - Teresa Pitman

I am a big fan of one of the most expensive vacation places around - Walt Disney World. After several visits with my family (four kids), I know many ways to keep the costs down that might be helpful to other families.

Vacation Attraction Ideas

Kathleen Bieke

Summer vacation is almost here, hooray! Before you hit the road you may want to visit RoadsideAmerica.com. Three wacky guys are the brainchild of this interesting website that is an online guide to offbeat tourist attraction.

Cheap US Vacation Ideas for Those North of the Border

Pat Mestern

Where can Canucks visit cheaply in the U.S.A.? There comes a time in everyone's busy lives when it is either a short get-away or a straitjacket. Vacations should be well thought out before the car leaves the driveway. It can be expensive for us to vacation in the U.S. but there are exceptions.

Mr. Cheap's New York Picks

Jennifer M. Wood

Who says you have to be made of money to enjoy a trip to the Big Apple? Bargains abound throughout the city, you just need to know where to look. Aside from the obvious freebies such as Central Park, there are plenty of ways to while away the days when you've got lots of time on your hands but very little money in your pocket. Here are 10 great things to see in New York which are free or almost free.

Free (and Nearly Free) Vacation Attractions

TDS Reader Contributors

Here is a list of free vacation attractions submitted by TDS readers.

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