Tips for planning an inexpensive vacation

Vacations: Planning

10 Things to Make Travel Easier

Paige Estigarribia

As exciting as holiday travel plans can be, there's definitely an element of planning and preparation involved. You might be really excited about all the activities planned for your vacation, but you also may be thinking about how uncomfortable that upcoming long flight or drive may be. We've found a few products that may make your holiday traveling easier and more comfortable. Take a look!

5 Reasons to Skip an All-Inclusive Vacation


In an all-inclusive vacation, lodging, food, drinks, activities and sometimes transportation are part of what you pay for. But buffet meals, watered-down drinks, overeating -- these are just some of the caveats to this type of vacation. Here are five reasons to skip the all-inclusive vacation and plan an a la carte trip instead.

Can Group Travel Reduce Expenses?

Debra Karplus

Are you itching to leave town for a day, a few days or longer, but find that booking a trip, transportation, meals, lodging, and activities are a bit overwhelming? Perhaps you're on your own and need a travel pal, so you don't have to venture off on your own. Taking a trip as part of a group could possibly be the best way for you to take your next trip.

7 Ways to Save on Spring Training Travel


If you're ready to lose the winter blues and put on your pinstripes, watching preseason baseball in person should be on your radar now. Right off the bat: Know that these baseball matchups are already cheaper than many seating sections at a regular season game, but you can cut costs even more and maybe use that savings to tack an extra day or two onto your trip.

Free Things You Can Get While Traveling

TDS Reader Contributors

The Dollar Stretcher readers share tips and tricks on how to receive free things while traveling. These little travel freebies make for a more enjoyable trip! These little travel freebies make for a more enjoyable trip!

Video: Best Apps for Cheaper, Smarter Travel

Gary Foreman

Mobile apps have changed the world of travel and they've gone way beyond helping us find the cheapest flight or hotel. Now you can plan much of your vacation using apps, including what to do and where to visit when you get there. To find some of the best travel apps, we asked Anne Banas of to join us on The Dollar Stretcher Interview.

5 Biggest Vacation Budget Busters


You know the little voice in your head that says, "I work hard, so I deserve this"? It's just one of the psychological games we play that can get us in financial trouble on vacation. Read on for five budget-busting vacation lies and advice on how to find true happiness during time off without going broke.

7 Ways to Travel the World for Free

Dr. Arnaud Prevot

Your friends have just come home from a trip to New Zealand or Europe. You wish you could do the exact same thing but have no money or you're on a budget. I'm here to tell you that there are great opportunities for you to travel the world for free. It just takes a little planning and a little perseverance.

5 Ways to Save Aboard a Cruise Ship


Cruise travel can be economical with accommodations, entertainment and most meals included in your cruise fares. But bear in mind, cruise lines will entice travelers to indulge in extra experiences, including specialty dining, shore excursions, premier entertainment offerings, enrichments classes, beverages and alcohol. Here are tips to save on board a cruise ship.

Take a Vacation on Your Credit Card Rewards


A few years ago, Rene DeLambert and his wife, Lisa, celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary by spending two weeks on Grand Cayman Island. A big bulk of this trip was on their airline and credit card issuers' dime. Not an extreme traveler? Even non-frequent fliers can use these strategies to take a trip on points.

7 Costly Travel Mistakes to Avoid


With a spring thaw approaching, it's easy to have a getaway on the brain. And while a trip can provide a well-deserved break, if you're not careful, you can rack up a lot of charges by making simple travel mistakes. Fortunately, taking the time to do a little legwork can help you save substantially. Here, experts weigh in with advice on how to avoid costly travel mistakes when on vacation.

Cut Travel Costs with FlightCar

Video - Gary Foreman

In this video interview by The Dollar Stretcher editor Gary Foreman, Gary interviews Rujul Zaparde, founder of, a company that assists car owners with renting out their car while they are off on vacation to travelers in need of a rental car.

Packing Cheaply

Video - Jeff Yeager

Don't let an upcoming relaxing vacation get you stressed over baggage fees and other travel expenses. This week the Ultimate Cheapskate shows us how and what to pack for a frugal trip, as well as some helpful travel tips!

How to Find Cheap Lodging in a Lighthouse

Debra L. Karplus

If you are like many people, some of your favorite vacations are those by water, either a river, one of the five Great Lakes or a smaller lake, or by one of the oceans. Perhaps it is the recreation, fishing, swimming, boating, skiing on water skis or jet skis, or rafting that draws you to the area and probably the beauty of water-side vacation spots. Or maybe you are intrigued by the variety of lighthouses that greet boats along many harbors. Did you know that you can find lodging in a lighthouse? There are many options for fanciers of America's many lighthouses with a wide array of prices and amenities.

Multi-Family Vacations

Joanne Guidoccio

Traveling with other families can be fun. Costs are shared and the children have ready-made companions. However, without careful planning and open communication, all that togetherness can quickly become toxic and undermine long-standing friendships and relationships. Consider the following "Do's" and "Don'ts" before planning your next multi-family vacation.

Travel Savings

TDS Guest Blogger

A Dollar Stretcher Guest Blogger shares tips and tricks for saving money while traveling in the near future.

5 Routes to Cheaper Offseason Travel


Many travel destinations often have months that are busier and more popular than other times of the year. The slower months depend on several factors. Unfavorable weather, closed attractions, construction and renovations in progress all contribute to making a certain time of year the off-peak season. But the benefits of a slow season might just outweigh whatever the downsides are. You'll almost always get cheaper rates and more personalized service, plus your destination will be less crowded and safer during offseason travel.

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