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Cut Travel Costs with FlightCar

Video - Gary Foreman

In this video interview by The Dollar Stretcher editor Gary Foreman, Gary interviews Rujul Zaparde, founder of, a company that assists car owners with renting out their car while they are off on vacation to travelers in need of a rental car.

Packing Cheaply

Video - Jeff Yeager

Don't let an upcoming relaxing vacation get you stressed over baggage fees and other travel expenses. This week the Ultimate Cheapskate shows us how and what to pack for a frugal trip, as well as some helpful travel tips!

How to Find Cheap Lodging in a Lighthouse

Debra L. Karplus

If you are like many people, some of your favorite vacations are those by water, either a river, one of the five Great Lakes or a smaller lake, or by one of the oceans. Perhaps it is the recreation, fishing, swimming, boating, skiing on water skis or jet skis, or rafting that draws you to the area and probably the beauty of water-side vacation spots. Or maybe you are intrigued by the variety of lighthouses that greet boats along many harbors. Did you know that you can find lodging in a lighthouse? There are many options for fanciers of America's many lighthouses with a wide array of prices and amenities.

Multi-Family Vacations

Joanne Guidoccio

Traveling with other families can be fun. Costs are shared and the children have ready-made companions. However, without careful planning and open communication, all that togetherness can quickly become toxic and undermine long-standing friendships and relationships. Consider the following "Do's" and "Don'ts" before planning your next multi-family vacation.

Travel Savings

TDS Guest Blogger

A Dollar Stretcher Guest Blogger shares tips and tricks for saving money while traveling in the near future.

5 Routes to Cheaper Offseason Travel


Many travel destinations often have months that are busier and more popular than other times of the year. The slower months depend on several factors. Unfavorable weather, closed attractions, construction and renovations in progress all contribute to making a certain time of year the off-peak season. But the benefits of a slow season might just outweigh whatever the downsides are. You'll almost always get cheaper rates and more personalized service, plus your destination will be less crowded and safer during offseason travel.

4 Ways to Save on Vacations


Planning for a vacation can be one of the most exciting experiences of the year. But paying for your trip does not offer the same thrill. Saving for a vacation ahead of time is one key to staying out of debt. Here are some additional tips to keep your next vacation within budget.

Savings Tips for Traveling

TDS Guest Blogger

Saving money is not something you should look to be doing only in everyday life so that you can save for a holiday. Even when you are traveling, it is possible to save money so that you can afford your next trip even sooner. There were always methods for saving money when traveling, but now with the advent of smartphones, tablets and apps, the techniques are hi-tech as well as low-tech.

Traveling the States, Do We Drive or Do We Fly?

Thrifty Living Today

Is it better to fly or drive while traveling? There are quite a few factors to consider when deciding which method is best. Here are a few things to consider before you decide.

Save on Pet Care When You Travel


Traveling is tough when you have pets. When you make pet care arrangements for your furry friends, make sure they'll be as comfortable as your budget.

5 Ways to Get the Best Value for Your Travel Dollar

Kristy Alexander

With the enormous expense of travel, your travel dollars need to go as far as possible. There are a number of ways to keep travel costs low to allow you more trips and longer stays without straining your budget. Here are 6 tips for getting the best value for your traveling dollar.

10 Outrageous Travel Fees to Avoid


Companies in the travel industry seem to be finding more ways to get you to open your wallet. At a time when travelers are looking to save, prices are actually rising. Don't let companies drive off with your wallet. Skip these fees and stretch your vacation dollars.

Fly or Drive

courtesy of

How often is driving a better option than flying? In this video, Money Talks News reporter Jim Robinson takes a look at that question, using a trip calculator to weigh the costs and benefits. Regardless of how the money shakes out, though, both modes have their pros and cons. Here are a few things to consider before you decide.

6 Top Travel Websites to Plan a Great Trip


These free online tools can ease your pain and help you save money by finding deals, keeping track of your itinerary and organizing your trip before you leave home.

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