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5 Costs You Can Easily Avoid On Your Next Road Trip


Millions of people will hit the road this year on their next great American road trip. A road trip often means big bucks will be laid out on travel costs. From pricey snacks to premium fuel to costly car washes, the route between your home and your destination is a virtual minefield of unnecessary purchases that can drain your pocketbook. Read on to find Bankrate's list of travel costs you can steer clear of.

The 2-Minute Dollar Stretcher: 6 Tips to a Stress Free Road Trip

Rich Finzer - Video

Do road trips tend to stress you out? Does heavy traffic and crowded rest stops take some of the enjoyment out of your vacation? Well, stress no more when you follow these 6 tips to a less stressful road trip.

9 Auto Road Trip Essentials

Rich Finzer

Planning a road trip soon? Here is a list of essentials when planning an extended road trip. So here's my list of road trip essentials.

6 Secrets to Less Stressful Car Travel

Rich Finzer

Who's up for a more relaxing road trip and vacation? Are you tired of spending endless hours fighting heavy interstate traffic with drivers all too content to tailgate but too cowardly to pass? Are you fed up with crowded roadside eateries where your brave little band waits forever for some chow? Would you like time to relax or take a swim before retiring? Well, fellow road warriors, take heart because help is on the way.

How to Calculate Fuel Cost for a Road Trip


"My family is considering taking a long road trip to finish off the end of the summer, but I'm a little worried about gas prices and our overall fuel cost. It doesn't seem easy to calculate since we'll be traveling through many states and we are considering several routes. Do you have any ideas for a way to accurately estimate our fuel cost?"

How your phone can save you big on road trips


Road trips are generally thought of as the frugal vacation option. But despite the money saved on airline tickets and fees, road trips can be pricey, too. The good news: A little technology can go a long way. If you're planning to hit the road this summer, here are some ways your smartphone, and some key road-trip apps, can help you save.

Video: Road Trippin' on the Cheap

Jeff Yeager

Hitting the highway can be a great affordable way to take a family vacation as long as you follow The Ultimate Cheapskate's cheapskate rules of the road.

6 Tips for Staying Awake on Long Drives


Warning signs of being too tired to safely drive include yawning repeatedly, inability to recall the last few miles traveled, disconnected or wandering thoughts and difficulty focusing or keeping your eyes open. Here are some tips for staying awake on long car drives.

8 Free Apps for Your Next Road Trip

Charlie Cohn

Ah, the Great American Road Trip. It's your chance to break free, take life by the wheel, celebrate your independence, and see the country on your terms. Of course, with that freedom comes the responsibility of planning your adventure. To ensure that your drive goes smoothly, here are 6 free apps available for iOS and Android phones to help you plan and execute your expedition.

6 Car Checks before Your Holiday Road Trip


With the end of summer approaching, many Americans will take their cars on one last road trip. This do-it-yourself checklist can help keep you on the road and out of the repair shop.

6 Apps for Saving on Road Trips


Here are five ways smartphone apps can help enhance your road trip. As long as you obey all texting and cellphone laws, and don't let smartphone usage interfere with driving, the apps can help you save money, find good spots to rest and be well-prepared for your trip.

Road Trip Savings

Rich Finzer

A successful road trip is an exercise in good planning and keen observation. By employing certain techniques, you can save quite a bit. More importantly, you can save valuable vacation hours.

Vacationing on a Shoestring: Cheap Road Trips

TDS Guest Blogger

More and more people are starting to look closer to home when booking a vacation and it makes perfect sense financially. There are some really fantastic places to visit and the family won't mind that you haven't had to take an airplane to reach your destination. In fact, many families will tell you that their road trip vacations are some of the best they have ever had. Here are some tips for having a great vacation, and it won't have cost you the farm!

5 Travel Costs to Avoid on a Road Trip


A road trip often means big bucks will be laid out on travel costs. From pricey snacks to premium fuel to costly car washes, the route between your home and your destination is a virtual minefield of unnecessary purchases that can drain your pocketbook. Here's a list of travel costs you can steer clear of.

4 Timely Tips on Taking a Long Road Trip


You may be wondering whether the old jalopy is in good enough shape for that 1,500-mile holiday jaunt you have planned to Florida or the Rockies. As you consider whether to take your own car or rent one, here are four things to do before deciding.

7 Tips for a Frugal, Hassle-Free Road Trip


With the airlines assessing charges on everything from blankets to baggage, this year may call for a summer road trip to save money. To help you save money, here are some trip tips for packing correctly, preparing your car, planning your route, saving on gas and more.

The Frugal Road Trip

Barbara Weddle

Sure, everyone knows that having your car serviced before a road trip saves on gas and oil. And, sure, everyone knows that membership with AAA provides not only money-saving vehicle services, but also saves on dining, shopping, hotels and more. But are you aware of some lesser-known ways to save on road trips? Here are some good ways to save substantially on road trips.

Frugal RV Traveling Tips

John Noble

Hitting the road in your RV and the RV lifestyle can be one of the most economical ways to travel. If you do a little planning and research ahead of time, it's easy to save even more without ever feeling like you're pinching pennies.

Fun and Easy Road Trip

Melissa Tosetti

Road trips can be an absolute blast or a total nightmare. The reason the movie "Vacation" was so funny is because it contained a thread of realism. A great road trip is 50% preparation and 50% attitude. Here are a few tips to make your next road trip as easy and fun as possible.

101 Car Games

Kathleen Bieke

This is the time of year when you get to find out just how roomy your vehicle is or isn't as the case may be. If you don't have a television for the car or are just plain nervous about traveling 1,000 miles with children, you need these ideas.

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