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Do you wish you had more time and money? Many of us do! That's what The Dollar Stretcher is all about. We've spent years digging out all the ways that you can "live better...for less". Since 1996 when former financial planner and purchasing manager Gary Foreman (Gary's biography) started the site we've been showing thousands of readers how to get the most for their dollars and their time. We can help you too!

What Do You Want to Achieve?

Are you fixing up your home? Trying to pay off some debts? Starting a savings program? Something else? We can help. We have sections that are updated regularly with all kinds of time and money-saving tools. Here are just a few common issues.

What Can We Do For You?

On our website you'll find full articles, slideshows and videos on hundreds of ways to stretch your day and your dollar. There are over 8,000 articles in our library. And we're adding more every day.

Our newsletters reach over 200k readers each week. We offer something for everyone. And they're all free. Plus subscribers also receive a free copy of our ebook Little Luxuries: 130 Ways to Live Better...for Less.

  • Each weekly issue of The Dollar Stretcher includes links to a variety of articles and tips to help you live better for less.
  • Baby boomers face some unique financial issues. After 50 Finances addresses those issues. Preparing for retirement. Caring for elderly parents. Caring for grandchildren.
  • Surviving Tough Times can help those who are struggling to get ahead financially.
  • Each twice weekly issue of Dollar Stretcher Tips features great ideas that our readers share. You're bound to find something in each issue that you can use!

What's In It for Us?

We do not:

  • have any subscription fees
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We do:

  • have advertisers on the site and in our newsletters
  • have affiliate arrangements
  • sell ebooks and courses designed to save you time and money

Like you, we need to make enough money to support ourselves and our families. But we promise that we will never put our income ahead of your best interest.

What's Your Part?

Take the Next Step. Most articles have a 'next step' immediately following the article. Take action to change your situation. We all can watch Youtube videos, wander through Pinterest or read articles. But if we don't change what we do we'll still be broke and short of time next week, next month and next year. We can't make you take action. Only you can do that.

Talk to us. Almost every article invites you to send feedback to the editor. Do so. If you have a question ask for help with an email to Ask The Dollar Stretcher. Have a suggestion? Send it on in. We're even open to Guest Post ideas. We welcome your complaints, too!

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Tell your friends about us. We all know someone who is struggling with their finances. You'll be doing them a favor if you tell them about our site. They have nothing to lose and what they learn at The Dollar Stretcher could help them to take control of their finances. Might even make you a hero!

If You're a Sponsor or Advertiser

We're happy to work with reputable sponsors. Not only do we offer banner advertising, but also sponsored posts and product reviews. For more information visit our Sponsor's Page.

If You're From the Media

Gary Foreman

We've been working with the media for nearly 20 years. Gary Foreman, editor of The Dollar Stretcher has been quoted in USA Today, The Nightly Business Report (PBS), Readers' Digest, Dr. Laura's Perspectives, The Los Angeles Times, Dallas Morning News, Boston Sunday Herald, Philadelphia Inquirer, The Jerusalem Post, Hartford Courant, Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Newark Star-Ledger, MSN Money and many other publications and websites.

If you're looking for a frugal living viewpoint for an article, Gary can be reached by phone (941.761.7805) or email (gary (at) or you can visit our Media Page.

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