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How to Get Your Adult Child and Grandkid to Move Out

About six months back my husband and I took in my adult daughter and school-age grandson when my daughter and her husband separated. It was supposed to be a temporary arrangement. Now the two are headed for divorce. My son-in-law is of course paying child support but he simply does not make enough money for my daughter to continue to be a stay-at-home mom. And quite frankly, I see no reason why she cannot get a job. My grandson is in public school so it is not like she has been home-schooling him. She spends most of the day in front of the TV. I am more than willing to help get my grandson to and from school and even watch him any time my daughter and son-in law would have to work but she refuses to look for a job. I do not see how they will ever be able to move out without her working and it has been somewhat stressful with her and my grandson living with us in our small home. If it were just my daughter, we'd just tell her she'd have to go get her own place, but it has been hard for me to put my foot down because of my grandson. Has anyone else had a similar problem with your adult children with grandkids?

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Natural Cleaners for Concrete Patios

We have a concrete patio that either has mold, mildew or algae forming on it. I went to a home improvement garden center to see what they recommended for cleaning it and they suggested a pressure washer and a chemical cleaner that supposedly is safe on plants and pets. We really do not have the extra money right now to rent or buy a pressure washer and I am worried about the chemicals in the cleaner hurting the plants in my planters that surround my patio on three sides. I have been nurturing them for years! I am not afraid of some hard scrubbing and elbow grease to get whatever is growing on there off, but does anyone know of any natural products or homemade cleaning recipes that work well on concrete patio surfaces? Thanks a bunch!

Please send your answers email to canyouhelp (at) with "Natural Cleaners for Concrete" as the subject. We'll include the best solutions in future issues.

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