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Costume Help

I am trying to find some creative ideas for homemade Halloween costumes. I am looking for adult costumes as well as ideas for my soon to be one-year-old. I am also interesting in finding some themed costumes so we might have matching costumes as a family.
Austin, TX

Please send your answers to: with "Costumes" as the subject. We'll include the best solutions in future issues.

Cheaper Fencing

The house we are buying is on a corner lot and we need to install a fence immediately. We have two young children. We have priced installed fencing and it cost anywhere from $2400 to 3200 for wooden fencing. I really won't have that much to pay out for fencing after just buying the house. We have priced the actual material and it only cost about $1000-$1300 for really nice fencing. I am doing a class with my husband at Home Depot on wood fence installing. Is it a job that my husband and I would be capable of? My husband is quite handy and I will give it all I have. We don't have any family or friends to ask to help. I was wondering of perhaps asking one of those handymen I see advertised in the newspaper. Do any of your readers have any suggestions? We prefer wooden fencing but would listen to any other readers experience on installing any type of fencing. Was it overwhelming or was it easy? Do we really need professionals to do it? Or can we do it ourselves? Catherine

Please send your answers to: with "Cheaper Fencing" as the subject. We'll include the best solutions in future issues.

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