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You are a source of information, experience and wisdom. I am so very grateful to the person who originally forwarded your newsletter to me, such a jewel in the midst of so much junk e-mails.
Keep it coming girl.
Edited by a mom who's been homeschooling for 9 years, you'll find a wealth of wisdom and encouragement in each issue. You're not alone when you have The Homeschooler's Notebook.
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Homeschooler's Notebook
Let me just say you make me laugh, cry and want to scream "At least one person understands me!" Thank you a million. I look forward to each issue! Your encouragement is awesome!
housewife, stay-at-home-mom of one, and proud of it!

Homebodies is designed to help the stay-at-home mom and those who would like to be at home with their children.
Healthy Foods

"Thanks for your efforts in improving healthy eating! I have forwarded this subscription to many friends who are excited about subscribing as well." ~ Maris

If one of your goals for your family is to cook more healthful meals then you'll want to read Healthy Foods. In each issue you'll find 'Nutrition 101', an introduction to a new food, plus a recipe. Yes! You can cook healthy meals and still have your family compliment you on how great it tastes!

Parents & Teens
Helping parents connect with their teens. The teenage years are a time of change. Twice a month this free newsletter will help you raise your children during the most tumultuous time in their lives.
The Computer Lady
"I love your newsletter and read it faithfully. Thank you for this invaluable service."
           ~ Dottie

Ever have a question about your computer? Wish that you had someone knowledgeable nearby who could help?

History's Women
What a lovely resource for women! This has inspired and encouraged me to continue to obtain my goals and having the belief that I too can someday share my story with other women.
A free, weekly e-magazine highlighting the extraordinary achievements of women throughout history and recognizing the obstacles they have had to overcome in order to reach their goals. You'll be encouraged and inspired to reach even higher!
The Dollar Stretcher for Parents

Time and money saving for families with children. From cradle to college we'll help you make ends meet in a very challenging time of your life.
The Dollar Stretcher

"I recieve your newsletter and visit your web site often. Couldn't live without it. You give wonderful information." ~ Donna A.

Each week The Dollar Stretcher features 2 or 3 articles and readers tips to help you stretch your day and your dollar!

The Dollar Stretcher
Attached Version

Same content as The Dollar Stretcher but the email body includes only the headlines and links. An attached text (.txt) file contains the entire newsletter.
The Dollar Stretcher Tips

You are doing a great great job! Thanks for all your useful information. ~ Cece
Twice each week we'll share great ideas from our readers. Everything from auto insurance to weddings to help you live better for less

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