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Q Who's the easiest person to get to visit your website or read your newsletter?

A It's the person who has already found you.

You've done a good job creating your website or newsletter. People like what they see. But to keep them visiting you on a regular basis they need to find something new. And that can be challenging.

We can help. We have two weekly offerings that will bring back your existing readers and encourage them to tell others about your work.

The Dollar Stretcher is a bi-weekly column dedicated to saving time and money. Gary Foreman has a background as a financial planner and purchasing manager. Everything from saving on autos to how much does your A/C cost can show up in his columns. Many are written in response to reader questions. You can see previous columns and judge for yourself if they will help you attract a bigger audience.

Dollar Stretcher Tips is a weekly feed of between 8 and 15 time and money saving tips provided by our readers. Readers enjoy these short, practical ideas to improve their lifestyle. They can be used as one longer article, or one, two or three can be used as fillers.

If you're willing to include a brief resource box with a link, either or both columns are available to you free of charge. If you'd prefer not to run the resource box the cost is still nominal.

Dollar Stretcher column with resource box
Dollar Stretcher Tips with resource box
Dollar Stretcher column without resource box
Dollar Stretcher Tips without resource box

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