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Children, Childcare

Debt Problems

Auto Loan & Lease Trouble
Collection Harassment
Credit Counseling
Debt & Married Couples
Facing Foreclosure
Financial Infidelity
Holiday Debt
Medical Bills
Old Debts
Payday & Car Title Loans
Paying Credit Card Debt
Repayment Strategies
in/near Retirement
Settlement and Negotiation
Student Loans
Wage Garnishment & Account Levies

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Credit Repair
Get Out of Debt


See Dentistry


Before Divorce
After Divorce

Earning Money

Business Ideas
Career Advancement
Extra Cash
Finding a Job
Increasing Your Salary
Quick Cash
Selling Crafts
Selling Used Items
Side Gigs
Starting a Business
Work at Home

Earning Money, Advertising

Don't Shoot the Messenger - Producing effective ad copy
Advertising Your Small Business for Pennies
Publicity on a Shoestring by Jean Clement - You don't need big bucks to get well known
Avoiding Ad Placement Scams by Rosalind Mays - Don't be the next victim
All Advertising Is Not Created Equal by Bob Osgoodby
How Much Advertising Is Enough? by Bob Osgoodby

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Earning Money, Business Ideas

Easy to Start Pet Businesses by Kelli Clevenger - A side hustle or a new career.
How to Start a Pet Sitting Business - Could a pet sitting business bring in the income she needs?
How to Start a Babysitting Service - Creating a part-time income stream.
Starting a Furniture Restoration Business by Gary Foreman - Could he create a second income restoring old furniture?
Starting a Green Cleaning Business - What would it take to start a cleaning business using only green products?
Starting a Cleaning Business - How much would it cost and how would I do it?
Tips for Starting a Childcare Business
Start Your Own Tutoring Business
Starting a Tutoring Business
Painting and Wallpapering by Pamela White - Have you already taken the first steps to your own business?
Your Own Wise Man by Rosalind Mays - A lifestyle change requires some reflection
Becoming a Handyman - The Natural Handyman - Should he turn pro?
Starting a House Cleaning Service - She wants to work while the kids are in school
Opening an Adult Daycare - She'd like to care for some seniors at home
Discovering the Right Business for You by Rozen Gean
How to Make Money With What You Know by Liz Folger
Starting a Day Care Center - Reader Recommendations

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Earning Money, Earn Money with Your Business

Surviving a Dry Spell by Barbara Frank - Quite a shock when no money is coming in
You Can't Afford to Be In Business by Bob Osgoodby - Don't be penny wise and pound foolish
Unclaimed Revenue by Cyndi Webb
Make More Money in Your Business by Robert Imbriale
Making Money with Your Business by Liz Folger
How to Make Money from Your Competition by Liz Folger
Money Earning Money by Gary Foreman

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Earning Money, Extra Cash

Could You Earn $50 While Junior Naps? by Paige Estigarribia - You might if you visit these sites!
Can I Really Get Paid to Lose Weight? - Could betting on your success be a personal win/win?
5 easy ways to make some money on the side - If you need a little quick cash, here's how to earn it with relative ease.
What Is Swagbucks? by Paige Estigarribia - Get paid to search the internet and shop.
Expert Interview: How to Track Down Unclaimed Funds Owed You by Paige Estigarribia - Don't forget about those forgotten funds!
8 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money Without Working by Ashley Neglia, - These jobs can beef up your bank account, and you choose the hours you want to work
How to Find Studies That Pay You for Participating By Angely Mercado - An easy way to earn some side income.
5 ways to earn extra cash with your car - If you are looking to make some extra cash, there are lots of ways to use your car as an income source -- with or without you behind the wheel.
7 legal ways to make money with your body - Giving more of yourself can be profitable. Some bodily assets are worth major bucks.
Taking in a Renter by Teena Stewart - Could a renter provide the extra cash you need each month?
Ways to Earn Extra Cash - Earn Extra Cash at Home.
When Opportunity Knocks by Helen Young - Understanding "opportunity costs" could mean money in your pocket
Doing Surveys for Money - Can you really make money doing surveys?
The Spring Cleaning Money Hunt by Veronica Bowman - Spring cleaning could be a paying proposition!
Getting Paid for Research by Debra L. Karplus, MS, OTR/L - Your participation could provide extra income.
6 Ways To Find Free Money by Jason Topp - Yes, there is such a thing as 'free money'
How to Pick Up Cans for Fun and Profit by Buck Weber - An experiment in making extra cash
Cashing in on the Crumbling Economy by Shaunna Privratsky - It's a great time to raise some quick cash
Your House Can Make You Money by Thursday Bram - Put your home to work for you
Want More Cash? Get Focused! by Celeste Leibowitz - Being part of a 'focus group' can pay handsomely
Extra Income - Working two jobs at once
My Story: Extra Cash - Earn extra cash as a guinea pig or a pack rat
The Gumball Queen - Making money with vending machines
Writing for Parenting Magazines - You, too, could be a paid author!
My Story: Making Extra Money from Home - Picking the company that's best for you
Surveys for Cash - Can you make money taking surveys?
My Story: Selling at Auctions
MLM Success? - Is a multi-level marketing program right for you?
Selling Mary Kay - Could this be a good income source for her?
The Silk Purse by Bob Osgoodby - Separating the good internet money making plans
My Story: Extra Income Through Marketing Surveys by Lori Lunsford - A source for some extra cash
Dot Com Home Business by Tammy Harrison - A slowing economy could be just the advantage you need
Make Money Stuffing Envelopes by Liz Folger - Yes, you can make money. And you don't need to pay someone to start
The 20 Minute At-Home Money Maker by Mary Jo Rulnick
Retirement Income Through Online Marketing by Don Lewin
By the Hour - a 'Working' Mom's Wage by Myrna Giesbrecht
The Merits of Mystery Shopping by Nancy Twigg
Envelope Stuffing by Bob Osgoodby
The Truth About Making Money Overnight by Liz Folger
Make Money While You Sleep by Liz Folger

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Earning Money, Home Office

Establish Structure in Your Home Business
Five Tips for Working at Home With Kids
A Home Office - 10 ways to save on setting up a home office
A Home Office for $55 by Jennifer Hollowell
A Movable Office
A Workspace to Call Your Own by Rozey Gean
Cottage Industry: Avoiding Zoning Problems by Bob Osgoody
The Benefits of an Organized Home Office by Liz Folger
Brighten Your Home Office In One Afternoon by Dianna Huff
Get Organized to Earn Money from Home by Bonnie Rice

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Earning Money, Jobs for Kids and Teens

Teen Money Making Opportunities by Brittney Walker - Raising some cash without a part-time job.
Teen Summer Jobs - What jobs are available to help teens make money this summer?
Summer Money-Makers
Put Those Teens to Work by Sandra L. Ray - Valuable resources for finding jobs
Business Ideas for Kids by Pearl Sanborn - Raising young entrepreneurs
First Job by Gary Foreman - Help your teen take a big step to adulthood
Jobs for Younger Teens
Kids in Business by Heather Hemmingway

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Earning Money, Marketing

5 Ways to Promote a Business on a Small Budget by Jana Lynch - How to get your business noticed without much money.
Is Your Company the Real McCoy? - Or are you trying to be something you're not? (10/23/06)
Making Small Business Marketing Painless
Moving Beyond Marketing Rituals - Using business cards to attract new clients
10 Ways to Build Trust and Your Business by Charlie Cook - Use your marketing to establish trust
Trade Shows by Bob Osgoodby
Fun and Effective Presentations by Liz Folger
Considering Network Marketing? by Ralph Helwig

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Earning Money, Mystery Shopping

Getting Started In Mystery Shopping by Debra L. Karplus - What you need to do to begin getting mystery shops.
Indulge Your Passion contributed by Tina - Trying to making your hobby your living
My Story: Mystery Shopping
Mystery Shopping - Extra income, free goods, and a few adventures along the way
Secret Shopping Pays Off - She's been making extra money for 20 years
A Peek Into the World of Video Mystery Shopping by Melanie Jordan - Earn higher shop fees with less paperwork
Insider Information: Mystery Shopping by Niccole Rogers - It could be the perfect job if you know how to get started
The Right Way to Start Mystery Shopping by Melanie Jordan - A good start to a part-time income opportunity
The Perfect Work-at-Home Job by Melanie Jordan - It might be perfect for you, too
The Merits of Mystery Shopping by Nancy Twigg
Working as a Mystery Shopper by Saundra Coyle
My Mystery Shopping Experience by J. Rogers
Mystery Shopping - Reader's Experiences
Getting Paid to Eat Out by Jim Erskine

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Earning Money, Online Businesses

8 secrets to internet entrepreneur success - Before starting your own web business, read these tips to make sure you'll prosper.
7 legitimate work-at-home jobs for 20-somethings - For recent grads struggling to find jobs, these gigs can bring in some money.
5 ways to make #money using social media - You don't have to have a million followers to earn extra cash -- but it sure helps.
Making Money With Apps - Can you make real money with survey apps?
How to Calculate Shipping Costs for Ebay Sales - Knowing what to charge for shipping and handling.
Selling skills online can pay big - How one retiree rescued his retirement by teaching video-based classes online.
Starting an Internet Reselling Business to Raise Cash by James Currier - 5 tips to get you started.
Is There Money to Be Made Blogging? by Debra L. Karplus - The truth about blogging.
Need a Cheap Web Site for Your Small Business? Consider a Blog!
Building a Business Web Page
A Great Opportunity by Bob Osgoodby - Succeed in an affiliate program when others fail
Article Banks on the Web by Maria Marsala - Promote your business with your writing skills
Niche Marketing by Bob Osgoodby - Who's making money on the web?
Good Online Ads by Bob Osgoodby
Get Serious About Your Online Business by Bob Osgoodby
Learning from Brick & Mortar Businesses by Bob Osgoodby
More Than Just a Random Drawing by Susan Donahue
Opening a Merchant Account by Bob Osgoodby
How an E-Zine Can Equal Cold Hard Cash by Liz Folger
Increase Your Internet Sales: Sell Yourself First by Bob Osgoodby

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Earning Money, Reducing Stress

Are You Multi-Tasking Yourself Into Stress?
Building a Home Business by Marilyn J. Tellez, M.A. - Just what is persistence?
Letting Go by Gary Lockwood
Slave to Your Business by Cyndi Webb
Exercising Your Flexibility by Rozey Gean
A Time for Work And a Time for Play by Rozey Gean
You Can Accomplish Great Things by Liz Folger

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Earning Money, Selling

Writing a Craigslist Ad That Sells by Brittney Walker - 7 ways to make your ad pop.
From Garden to Farmers Market - Instead of buying groceries you could sell them!
How to Get The Most When You're Selling Online by Elisha Montgomery - The ins and outs of online sales.
Video: Selling Jewelry in Your 50s and 60s by Gary Foreman - Interview with Andrew Fabrikant of
Video: Selling Your Jewelry for the Best Price by Gary Foreman - Interview with Andrew Fabrikant of
Should You Sell to American Pickers? by Paige Estigarribia - What's the best way to turn collectibles into cash?
Buying and Selling With a Facebook Group by Christina Stephens - Like craigslist, with more protections.
Selling Your Stuff Online by Debra Karplus - From clutter to cash!
5 ways to stay safe when selling online - Whether meeting up in person or shipping something online, keep yourself and your money safe.
Becoming an Ebay Power Seller by Deb Killion - What does it take to make money selling on Ebay?
4 tips for selling items on Etsy - When selling items on Etsy, these four tips will help you sell more items, for more money. A win-win.
Selling Your Gold by Bruce Roemer - Understanding the exchange rate can keep you from getting ripped off.
My Story: Found Money contributed by Karen - How easy it was to turn scrap metal into cash.
Eliminating Objections to Increase Sales
Standing Out From the Bad Guys by Azriela Jaffe
Responding to Difficult Customers by Azriela Jaffe
Increase Your Internet Sales: Sell Yourself First by Bob Osgoodby
The Skinny on What to Charge by Liz Folger

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Earning Money, Selling Crafts

Slideshow: How to Sell Crafts by Pam Hutzler - Making money on the things you create.
Video: Making Money with Your Crafting by Gary Foreman - How did online retailers treat you this Christmas?
Selling Crafts - How to make money selling the stuff you make.
Pricing Crafts for Sale - How do you decide how much charge for homemade crafts? (8/17/09)
My Story: One Person’s Trash is Another’s Treasure - This enterprising woman turned a discarded wine crate into a small successful side business
Six Sources of Additional Cash
New Income from Ordinary Skills
Scrapbooking for Money - Four ways to profit from your love of scrapbooking
Home-Baked Business - Pursuing your passion
10 Easy Ways to Get Extra Cash by Doris Dobkins
Selling Crafts - a retired, rural couple looks for an outlet for their crafts
Make Money This Holiday Season by Liz Folger - You can make more than you spend
Easy As Pie! by Tammy Harrison - How hard is it for a mom to work-at-home?
My Story: From Hobby to Business by Gramma Sandra Schneider - It all started in her kitchen
Bake Yourself Some Christmas Dough by Liz Folger
She Must Be Crazy to Like Her Work by Liz Folger
Capitalizing on Natural Talents by Rozey Gean
Secrets to Making Money With Your Crafts by Liz Folger
My Own Business - Reader's Experiences
Home Business Hotline: Making Crafts by Heather Martin

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Earning Money, Selling Used Items

Insider Report: Running Estate Sales by Laura Kent - A 30 year pro shares some details.
10 Tools for a Succesful Online Sale by Alex J. Coyne - If you haven't used it in awhile it may be time to turn it into cash!
Can You Make Money Running Estate Sales? by Debra Karplus - Turning your garage sale addiction into an income source!
From Curb to Cash by Susan Perna - Curbside recyling. She finds it, fixes it and sells it!
Slideshow: How to Sell Your Stuff at Consignment by Pam Hutzler - Getting the most for your old stuff.
Video: Selling Inherited Jewelry by Gary Foreman - Interview with Andrew Fabrikant of
Selling Kids Clothes Hassle Free Online by Kara Haskins - Getting more for your better quality clothes.
Best places to sell 8 popular household items - Garage sale? Craigslist? EBay? Where should you sell old books and toys for the most cash?
9 Secrets to a Successful Consignment Store Sale by Gary Foreman - Turning used goods into cash.
Buying and Selling Used Video Games by Brittney Walker - Reducing the cost of gaming.
Selling Clothes for Cash by Brittney Walker - Apps & more for selling clothes
5 Things to Sell on Ebay Instead of a Yard Sale by Maggie Labrador - Less haggling, more profit.

Gifts for Free - A clever way to purchase gifts with little or no cash outlay. (11/13/06)
Selling on Ebay
Auction Selling Tips - What you need to know to sell on an auction site
Dejunking Your Home
Cash in Your Closet - How to get started selling your own clothes on eBay
Selling Used Goods - Getting the most for the things you no longer want or need
eBay vs. Garage Sales - She's made the switch to online sales
Big Money Garage Sales - Maximize your sale's potential
Instant Money! - Looking for a little quick cash?
Garage Sales 101 - Planning executing and profiting
Selling Used Furniture by Gary Foreman
Turn Cast-Offs Into Cash by Shaunna Privratsky - One man's trash...
Money In Your Closet by Tamela Hancock Murray - Selling on consignment
My Story: Money In Your Closet - A more profitable, less stressful garage sale
Selling On Ebay - Like an ongoing garage sale
Consigning: Cash In Your Closet by Kim Danger - Not only a clean closet, but a business opportunity
Raising Cash Quickly - Ideas for raising serious money in a short time
Selling Used Books by Marcy Johnson - A good part-time, at home income
Auction Selling Tips by Monica Resinger - De-clutter your home and make a few bucks, too!
Cash In the Closet by Monica Ricci - Why not take it to the bank?
Consignment Shopping Pays Off by Rachel Paxton - She uses it like a clothing exchange
Desperate for Cash? by Bernardine Quesada - Sooner or later everyone has a cash crisis

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Earning Money, Side Gigs

How to Decide What Business Form Your Side Gig Should Take by Kate Zhang - It'll affect your taxes and your liability.
Make Money Transporting Motor Homes By Debra Karplus - Getting paid for driving without Uber.
Beekeeping by Debra Karplus- A hobby? Money-saver? Money-maker?
5 great second jobs to bring in extra cash - Looking for ways to pay down debt? Fatten your income with these side hustles.
Side Gigs - How do you earn a little extra money each month?
Multiple Income Streams by Melodee K. Currier - Creating multiple sources of income.
An Extra Income Source by Rich Finzer - Would you like to have extra money coming in?
Make Money Upcycling by Lynn Bulmahn - Make some green by being green.
Extra Income for Single Moms by Alexa Mason - How a single mom can create multiple income streams.
A Few Extra Dollars by Nathalia Aryani - What would you do for $5, $10, $20, $50, $100?
Sharing Your Skills by Debra L. Karplus, MS, OTR/L - Teaching could make you some extra money
6 must-knows for becoming a rideshare driver - Before you start taking passengers, learn about the pay, the laws and other issues.
6 ways to boost your income in a big way - Turn your talents into an income stream -- or launch a business. But no one promises it'll be easy Using your talents to make extra cash - Ways to add some extra oomph to your saving power.

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Earning Money, Small Business

Home-Based Newsletter Publishing
Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer - Leapfrog the competition while they're at the beach!
Better? by Tammy Harrison - Have you read your ketchup bottle lately? And what does it have to do with your business?
What Happens to Your Business When You Die? by David F. Woods, CLU, ChFC - A tough question, but your business itself will provide the answer
Contractor or Employee? by Tammy Harrison - Control your work situation
The Fundamental Partnerships of Success by Philip E. Humbert, PhD. - Some insightful ideas to help you reach your goals
Free Information for Small Business by Maria Marsala
My Spouse Is Destroying Our Business by Azriela Jaffe
Keeping Your Business Partner Informed by Azriela Jaffe
Virtual Assistance = Higher Productivity by Janice Byer
Get Serious About Your Business by Bob Osgoodby
Getting Your Husband to Back Your Business by Liz Folger

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Earning Money, Small Business Finance

Should I Borrow Money from My Father-in-Law? by Azriela Jaffe
Support for Your Business by Cyndi Webb
Lying About Your Business by Azriela Jaffe
Funding Your Dream by Michelle Kennedy
Know Where Your At-Home Business Money Goes by Cyndi Webb
About the Cost of Copies by Linda Burnside

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Earning Money, Starting a Business

See alsoBusiness Ideas

7 Steps to Starting Your Own Business After Age 50 by Andrea Atkins - Expert tips to get your business running.
9 secrets of smart business owners - Entrepreneurs do these things to boost their odds of success and make life easier.
How to Decide What Business Form Your Side Gig Should Take by Kate Zhang - It'll affect your taxes and your liability.
Could What You Know Make You Money? by Brianna Bell - Making money working for yourself.
Could You Earn Enough Money Being Self-Employed? by Debra Karplus - Is it just a dream? Or could it become reality? The reality behind 5 easy income strategies - Creating "passive income" is an active pursuit, requiring work, time or cash.
Starting a business? How to put together a business plan and figure startup costs - Successful entrepreneurs develop a smart business plan and estimate startup costs. Here's how.
Be Your Own Boss by Lynn Bulmahn - If you can't find a job it might be time to become your own boss.
New Business Legal Issues - What do you need to do to legally open a small home business?
Starting a Business on the Cheap by Ida Rowlands - Money-saving tips that will boost your bottom line
Be Prepared to Quit Your Job by Steven Lohrenz - A guide to making it possible to work for yourself
When Are Your Ships Coming In? - The most important step in the process
How To Start Your Home Business
Starting a Small Business - A roadmap to small business ownership
Starting a Business - Can you be your own boss?
A Perfect Time to Start a Home Business by Barb Niehaus - Don't let a bad economy keep you from getting started
How to Fail In Business by Bob Osgoodby
Funding Your Dream by Michelle Kennedy
I'm Scared of Business by Liz Folger
You Can't Make Money Doing That by Liz Folger
How to Make Sure Your Business Is Legal by Liz Folger

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Earning Money, Quick Cash

Raising Quick Cash by Gary Foreman - When you need a quick cash infusion.
5 Ways to Make Quick Cash by Gary Foreman - When you run into that cash crunch.
19 Ways to Raise Quick Cash by Gary Foreman - When you need cash quickly.
5 safe ways to make some money on the side - If you need some quick cash, you can raise it without expending a lot of effort.
5 easy ways to raise cash - When you need money and need it fast, follow this strategy to build a pile of cash.
How and where can you score fast cash -- legally? - Need money in a hurry? These tips will snag you a fistful of dollars without getting scammed.
Need cash quick? Avoid these 6 traps - Looking for fast money? Dodge financial ruin by reading this. You must act now!

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Earning Money, Telecommute

10 top telecommuting jobs to live abroad - Who needs an office? You can perform these jobs from wherever you choose.
Becoming a Virtual Assistant by Liz Folger - You could earn good money right at home (1/28/02)
Are You Snoopy Or Charlie Brown? by Rosalind Mays - Who will get the telecommuting job? Charlie or Snoopy?
Three Types of Telecommuter by Rosalind Mays - Know what you want before you look for that job
Beating a Dead Horse by Rosalind Mays - The key to landing a telecommuting job
Medical Billing or Medical Transcription by Rosalind Mays
The Telecommuting Temp Agency by Rosalind Mays
Finding a Telecommuting Job by Rosalind Mays
Want to Telecommute?Think Like an Employer by Rosalind Mays Welch
Want to Telecommute? Do the Math by Rosalind Mays Welch
Home Business Hotline: Medical/Legal Transcription by Heather Martin

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Earning Money, Work-at-Home Moms

Video: How to Become a Work at Home Mom by Gary Foreman - Interview with Linsey Knerl of
Five Tips for Working at Home With Kids
My Story:Working-at-Home With a Toddler
Single Mom Income - Is it possible to stay home with your kids and still earn a living?
One Income Beats Two by Joanne Watson - Help your husband make more money
Working at Home With Kids by Susie Cortright - Five tips for success
Single Work-at-Home Moms - How do successful moms do it?
My Story: Work-at-Home Success by Kathy Moccaldi - Here's how one mother made the switch
Mom Can Make Money at Home by Jennifer Valentine
Single Moms Working From Home by Rozey Gean
Women Working From Home: Do You Have What It Takes? by Rozey Gean
The Real Reason Moms Work at Home by Liz Folger

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See School
See College


Saving With Surge Protectors by Christy Birmingham - Protecting expensive electronics with surge protectors.
Choosing a New Television by Debra Karplus - Finding the TV buy that's best for you.
Finding the Best Buy On a Computer by Charlie Cohn - Maximizing your computer dollar.
Save on Printer Ink by Joel Arnold - How to make your printer ink cartridges last longer.
Buying Photo Quality Paper

Emergency Prep

Preparing for an Emergency - What emergency supplies should I have on hand?
Emergency Supplies - What emergency supplies do you keep in your closet?
When Is the Power Coming Back On? by Pamela Parks - Being prepared can save you money and misery.
Preparing for a Snowstorm by Linda Shapero - Preparation is the key to avoiding a crisis.
Acquiring Emergency Supplies - How to assemble affordable emergency supplies.
$10 for Peace of Mind by Pamela Parks - How a few dollars and a little effort provides protection for her family.
Emergency Preparedness by Stephanie Stambaugh - Because you can’t afford not to be ready.
My Story: Emergency Preparation - 12 tips for surviving emergencies.
My Story: Emergency Supplies on the “Thrift”

Energy Costs

Energy Efficiency
General Cost Cutting
Hot Water Heaters

Energy, Efficiency

Will New Energy Efficient Appliances Save Me Money? by Laura Foor - Do the math before you buy!
7 Energy Saving Practices That Don't Save Energy by Ann Ryan - Could you be fooling yourself?
5 Energy Saving Myths by Ann Ryan - How many did you know?
4 reasons to make your home more energy-efficient - While spending on kitchen and bathroom makeovers can be fun, enhancing your home's energy efficiency can be even more enticing once you consider the benefits.
Figure out how much a new appliance will save - Today's appliances use less energy. Here's how to calculate how much you can save.
Summer Kitchen Energy Efficiency by Veronica Bowman - Reduce the amount of energy you use in the kitchen
6 energy-saving projects for your home - You updated the appliances and light bulbs. Here are other ways to reduce electric and gas bills.
Turn Your Home Into an Energy Star - Cut bills by making your home more energy efficient
Conducting a Home Energy Audit - Improve energy efficiency and lower utility bills
Hidden Energy Efficiencies - New areas to explore

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Energy, Electronics

Phantom Electronics Cost Consumers $10 Billion by Gene Wang - There are vampires lurking in your home.
Turn Off Your Computer and Save $100
Cutting Your Electric Bill - Applying 'off the grid' lessons to your home.
Turn Your Home Into an Energy Star - Cutting bills by making your home more energy efficient
Skip the Dryer
Power Smart Savings
How to Keep Your Utility Expenses Low - Exposing once 'invisible' costs
Lower Electric Bills - Bigger home's bills could drive them to the poor house
Lowering Utility Bills - An apartment dweller needs help
Figuring Appliance Electricity Usage by Gary Foreman - What's causing their bill to be so high?
Pool Pump Operating Costs - The Natural Handyman - Determining the efficiency of your pool pump
Unexpected Danger by Nita Holstine - A clean lint trap could save you money and possibly your home
Slow Cookers & Energy Usage by Doug Cote - How efficient is that slow cooker?
Surviving an Energy Crisis - Our friends in California need help
Energy Savings for Older Homes and Appliances
Your Washing Machine and the Environment by Gary Foreman
Is a 'Phantom' Stealing Your Electricity? by Gary Foreman
Electricity Savings by Sarah Kennington
Lower Electric Bills - Reader's Suggestions
Kitchen Appliance Face-Off by Gary Foreman
Should We Buy a New Freezer? - Gary Foreman
Cutting Your Electric Bill: the Refrigerator by Gary Foreman

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Energy, Insulating

Beat Energy Costs: Insulation
Turn Your Home Into an Energy Star - Cutting bills by making your home more energy efficient
Conducting a Home Energy Audit - Improve energy efficiency and lower utility bills
Hidden Energy Efficiencies - New areas to explore
How to Keep Your Utility Expenses Low - Exposing once 'invisible' costs
Lower Electric Bills - Bigger home's bills could drive them to the poor house
Buying Replacement Windows - Single-pane, double-pane, insulated? What's the best deal?
Roofs and Heat Loss - The Natural Handyman - Will a new roof make a difference?
Air Pockets Reduce Heating Bills by Gary Foreman - Air can provide inexpensive insulation
Saving on Energy by Doris Dobkins

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Energy, Lighting

How Much Do LED Lights Really Save? by Nikita Nain - We compare alternatives.
CFL vs LED Lightbulbs by Shaunna Privratsky - Are CFLs or LEDs the better lightbulb choice?
CF Versus LED by Rich Finzer - The light at the end of the tunnel isn't fluorescent.
CFL Bulbs and Lampshades - Tips on adapting lamps to fit CFL bulbs
Updated Kitchen Lighting - What works best in your kitchen?
Compact Florescent Lights
Choosing Compact Fluorescent Bulbs
Save Money and the Environment
Cutting Your Electric Bill - Applying 'off the grid' lessons to your home.
Dimming Fluorescent Fixtures
Turn Your Home Into an Energy Star - Cutting bills by making your home more energy efficient
The $60 Light Bulb by Gary Foreman
How I Survived California's Energy Crisis by Teresa Ambord - Little changes, big savings
Surviving an Energy Crisis - Our friends in California need help
Saving on Energy by Doris Dobkins
Is It Worth It? by Gary Foreman
Turn It Off? by Gary Foreman

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Energy, General Cost Cutting

12 Energy Saving Tips for Your Apartment by Ivan Serrano - You don't need to own it to reduce your utility bill.
Cut Your Energy Costs Day by Kelli H. Clevenger
How to avoid energy scams - Want to lower your utility bills? Follow these tips for choosing a new energy supplier.
What Makes My Electric Bill So High by Gary Foreman - Would an energy audit help to reduce it?
7 tips to lower energy bills - Want to lower your energy bills? Here are a few easy tips that let you save money on gas and electricity.
Shopping for the Lowest Electric Rates by Lynn Bulmahn - Could you be paying too much for electricity?

The Cost to Operate - How much does it cost to run appliances?
Timing Is Everything by Rich - How a "time of use" meter could reduce your electric bill.
Heat and Electricity 101 by Amy L. Thomas -Establish good conservation habits for now and the future.
What I Learned from an Electric Bill - Achieving financial goals and learning a thing or two along the way.
Fighting the Utility Company
Turn Your Home Into an Energy Star - Cutting bills by making your home more energy efficient
Power Smart Savings
On Demand Energy Savings
How to Keep Your Utility Expenses Low - Exposing once 'invisible' costs
How I Survived California's Energy Crisis by Teresa Ambord - Little changes, bit savings
Lowering Utility Bills - An apartment dweller needs help
Lower Electric Bills - Reader's Solutions
Turn It Off? by Gary Foreman
How Much Does Electricity Cost? by Gary Foreman

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Energy, Hot Water Heaters

Beat Energy Costs: Hot Water
Tankless Water Heater - Is one right for your home?
Installing a Water Heater Timer - The Natural Handyman
Water Heater Blankets - Gary Foreman

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Expenses, Family

Cutting Expenses
Cutting the Food Budget

Expenses, Family, Cutting Expenses

Cutting Your Family's Hair Could Trim Your Budgetby Jennifer Land - Are ever increasing prices straining your wallet?
My Story: The R's of Reducing Expenses contributed by Kathy H. - There's more than one way to cut expenses.
Learning to Love the “Next Best Thing” by Tara Alley - The transition from “best” to “next best” could be a painless moneysaver.
My Story: 14 Ways We Save Money - Which ones would save your family money?
Cut Costs by Eliminating Disposables by Lisa M. Maloney - They’re supposed to make our lives simpler, but do they?
Sacred Cows by Steve and Annette Economides- Could you slay the 'little extravagance'?
Recession Proof Your Family Finances by Diane Schmidt - Take control of your destiny.
How to Tighten Your Belt in Tough Times by Marianne Giullian - Small savings can avert a crisis.
Time to Tighten the Belt by Amy Burns - Having a plan for the hard times
Black Belt Tightwads - Frugal experts share their best money-saving secrets
Radical Cost Cutting - What to do when your budget is seriously out of balance
Reducing My Spending
My Story: Stretching to the Max - Keeping living expenses low
While I Was Unemployed by Beth Hering - Beyond cutting coupons and buying on sale
Give Yourself a Raise by Miriam Reed - How I 'earned' an extra $100 every month
My Story: Poor in Money, Rich in Time - contributed by NYC Lady - The choice to live frugally
My Story: After 35 Years - contributed by K.M. - Living a happy, simple and frugal life
When the Child Support Check Is Late by Sandra Ray - Running a household when the check doesn't arrive
My Story: Single Mom Relearns Lessons contributed by Tigger - No longer controlled by money
Low Overhead by Gary Foreman - What can we learn from an old ad jingle?
Contentment Robbers by Deborah Taylor-Hough
Ways to Reduce Your Expenses Now by Ginita Wall, CPA, CFP
What I Learned Surviving Hard Times by Heidi B.
Raising Teens on a Tight Budget - Let's face it, raising teens is expensive! (10/16/06)
Large Family Savings
The Cost of Teens
Make Frugality a Family Affair by Nancy Twigg
Getting Your Family Involved by Kelly Jo Landers

Extended Warranties

see also: Automobiles, Warranties

Furnace Maintenance by Christine Cristiano - A look at prepaid plans (11/3/03)
New Home Upgrades and Warrantees - Opportunity or obstacle to savings? (11/25/02)
Why They Sell Extended Warranties - courtesy of - Should you buy one for your appliances? (10/15/01)
Appliance Insurance (10/30/00)

Family Activities & Entertainment

Date Night Ideas for Parents

Family Activities & Entertainment, Affordable Family Acitivites and Outings

10 Affordable Father-Daughter Dates by Brianna Bell - Show her how she's supposed to be treated.
Cheap Activities for Families With Gradeschool Kids - Finding affordable family fun
Zoo and Botanical Park Memberships by Lee Doppelt - Affordable family outings
Cheap Family Activities for Families With Grade School Kids
Getting Studio Audience Tickets by Debra Karplus - Watch your favorite show from the studio!
Why I Buy Membership to My Local Museum by Eric Mohrman - Reciprocal membership programs could save all over the country.
Frugal Family Journeys into Genealogy by Christine Stephens - Enjoy an inexpensive educational experience for children and adults alike.
Museum Reciprocal Programs by R. Kellogg - Get admittance to hundreds of museums for the cost of one museum's membership.
Geocaching by Angelia Crawford - Frugal fun for the adventurous.
Campus Entertainment Isn't Just for Students by Steve Graham - Why you should know what the students know.
Fun Factories - Free tours for the whole family.
Easy Reader by K.M. Eldredge - When your appetite for reading is bigger than your budget
Bird Watching by Susan Gateley - A lifetime of fun
Family Fun Days - Budget-conscious hints for great family fun!
Cheap Thrills by Jennifer Beam - Perhaps a big annual vacation isn't your best choice
Passing on a Legacy by Tenna Perry - She improved her relationship with her daughter and taught her a skill
Recreation on the Skinny by Karen Kuebler - 15 cheap ways to have fun
United We Stand: The Use of Time by EB in Mo - You 'spend' it like money. But you can't make more of it
Simple Family Field Trips by Deborah Taylor-Hough - Education wrapped up in great fun!
Everyday Adventure by Tammy Harrison - Always a new experience!
The Entertainment Bug by Kayla Solomon

Family Activities & Entertainment, Sports

Saving at the Old Ballpark by Justin Zipprich - Enjoy a family outing at the ballpark.
Take Me Out to the (Minor League) Ballgame by April Serock - Major league fun at a fraction of the cost.
6 Ways to Save Money at Sporting Events by Carol Parsons
Ticket Gouging - Can you avoid all the surcharges on event tickets?


Credit Cards
Financial Literacy
Investing Small Amounts
Money Perspectives
Reducing Expenses
Saving and Investing

Finances, Checkup

Expert Interview: Getting Fiscally Fit For the Summerby Gary Foreman - Would your finances look good in a swimsuit? Don't Forget to Do Your Financial Spring Cleaning by Paige Estigarribia - A clean house is good, but clean finances could be better!
Give Your Finances an Annual CheckUp by Shaunna Privratsky - Making sure you are fiscally fit.
Financial Spring Cleaning by Shaunna Privratsky - Don't your finances deserve an annual cleaning?
The Frugal Doctor Is In by Gary Foreman - Giving your finances a physical.
9 Reasons Your Financial Resolutions Are Failing by Gary Foreman - And how you can correct them.
The Financial Diet by Veronica Bowman - Using dieting tricks to help you lose financial weight.
It Pays to Check Your Bills by Qin Tang - Checking your bills is important in this era of auto payments.
Yearly Overhaul by Olivia Fox - How to adjust your financial plan for the new year
A Financial Checklist by Judy Lawrence - Using a checklist to make a positive change in your life.
Financially Fit by Shaunna Privratsky - 12-step program to lose the debt and create a lean, mean financial machine.
What You Need To Manage Your Money by Terry Rigg- Don’t be a victim of “Financial Complacency”.
Penny Wise, Pound Foolish? by Helen Young - Should you be spending your time on the big items?
Are You In Need of Financial Bypass Surgery
Your Annual Performance Review by Gary Foreman - How does your financial performace measure up?
A Fall Financial Check Up by Doris Dobkins - When was the last time you gave your finances a check up?
What's Your Net Worth? by Doris Dobkins - what kind of financial shape are you in?
Painless Financial Check-Up by Gary Foreman
Getting Your Financial House In Order by Gary Foreman

Finances, Literacy

Your Money Dictionary by Alex J. Coyne - How many of these terms do you know?
Expert Interview: Avoiding Financial Problems by Paige Estigarribia - How to avoid 3 common problems
The Rule of 72 by Patricia Mayo - or how to easily double your debt.
How Financial Wellness Differs from Wealth by Rick Kahler - You could have money and still not be financially well.
Could What Believe Make You Wealthy? Or Poor? by Gary Foreman - Examining your beliefs about money.
Why you should know these 5 financial numbers about yourself - You'll have to find out a few things about yourself before making a sound financial plan.
9 critical money skills you need for a successful financial life - Take your financial destiny into your own hands: Master these money moves.
Economics and Your Personal Finances by Gary Foreman - What a high school econ teacher knows could save you money.

Finances, Guidelines

Take the Pain Out of Penny Pinching by Shaunna Privratsky - It doesn't have to be so hard.
Want debt trouble? Do these 6 dumb things - These moronic money moves will have you up to your neck in debt in no time flat.
12 monthly money tasks to enrich your life - Try this month-by-month guide to keep your finances in order.
5 smart ways to simplify your finances - Too many accounts can be hard to monitor, but radically paring might not be the answer.
5 decades of success: Steer clear of financial roadblocks - These obstacles can stand in the way of achieving your financial goals.
How to become a millionaire in 7 easy (hah!) steps - It's not easy to become a millionaire on your own, but those who do follow these 7 rules.
4 money mindsets that trip you up - Are these four money mindsets hindering your financial goals?

10 Easy Ways To Ensure Financial Failure

Finances, Money Perspectives

How Much Is Envy Costing You? by Shaunna Privratsky - Dealing with envy could save you money!
That $20 Moment by Brett Peruzzi - Could you be losing thousands of dollars a little at a time?
7 Steps to Financial Security by Gary Foreman - Finding security in an uncertain world
Are Emotions Making Your Financial Decisions? by Rick Kahler - You might be making illogical decisions.
Expert Interview: Do You Have a Relationship With Debt? by Gary Foreman - How you relate to money can make all the difference!
Why You Shouldn't Play the Lottery by Lee Doppelt - The real winners are people who don't play!
6 Ways to Build a Healthy Relationship With Money by Joel Fink - We apply psychologically test concepts to your money relationship
Alternatives to the Lottery by Lee Doppelt - What else could you be doing with the money?
Never Turn Down Free Money guest post by Tamara W. - 8 ways to collect free money!
8 things to put on your financial bucket list - Perfect credit score? Owning a home free and clear? What's your financial dream?
3 money maxims that hurt your finances - Having certain beliefs about money can lead to risky financial habits. Do yours need to change?
Video: Loose Change by Jeff Yeager - You might not think much of finding a quarter or nickel on the ground but those loose coins can really add up!
6 Reasons You Need Some Cash by Rich Finzer - What do you have in your wallet?
How to Waste Money by Rick Kahler - If you really want to stay poor, here's how to do it.
5 tips for getting back on track financially - You started the year with financial goals but haven't kept up. Now's the time to recommit.
7 strategies to declare financial independence - We hold this truth to be self-evident: That you can liberate yourself from stress about money.
3 financial goals that trump college savings - Before opening a college account, you should tend to these three more urgent financial matters.
From "Best" to "Good Enough" by Jennifer Rose Hale - Downgrading to Save.
The Value of Advice by Wendy Hummeldorf - Consider the source.
Rational Financial Behavior by Gary Foreman - We all like to think that we're rational....
Financial Wellness by Rick Kahler - What does it look like when you're financially well?
Free as a Bird - Financially by Terrance Williams - 3 points recent grads should know.
Be Radical, Get Rich by April Borbon - Have you ever noticed that 'normal people' seldom get rich?
Is Money Evil? by Gary Foreman - Could you subsconsciously be pushing money away?
Tell Your Money You “Just Want to be Friends” by Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil - Does money have an unhealthy influence on your life?
Learning 101 by Gary Foreman - Could what you think you know hurt you?
The Things We Believe In by Gary Foreman - Are you denying facts that could hurt your finances?
Small Splurges by Shaunna Privratsky - That won’t break your budget.
Dollars and Sense: The Psychology Behind Financial Success by Dr. Howard Gluss - Newlyweds need financial help.
What Are You Willing to “Give Up” to Win Financially? by Damon Carr - There are no shortcuts to financial prosperity!
The Dacyczyn Decision by Angela Yuriko Cato - Interview with Amy Dacyczyn of Tightwad Gazette fame.
My Story: How Can I Limit My Spending without Being 'Different' - Living better without spending more
The Folly of Following the Crowd by Karen Kuebler - Key steps to break away from “keeping up with the Joneses” syndrome
Avoiding Payment Pain by Gary Foreman - Warning signs for the smart consumer
Financial Resolutions by Gary Foreman - Simple steps to a brighter financial future
How to Dig a Hole by Amy Burns - Easy ways to dig your own financial hole
A Different Kind of Financial Security by Rachel Muller - How can you make yourself more secure?
The Connection Between Personal Finance and Self-Esteem by Cathy Kohm Tanaka - Achieve your financial goals and be a lot happier with yourself
Battle of the Riches: Good vs. Evil
Perspectives - How you look at your situation could make all the difference
Developing a Frugal Attitude
For the Love of Money - Are your money and emotions connected?
Don't Bury Your Head in the Sand!
Are "They" Ruining Your Finances?
When You are Short of Money…
The Health-Wealth Connection by Shawnda Spille - Are they really connected?
Your Money Quotient by Gary Foreman - how smart are you when it comes to money?
My Story: Redefining Financial Necessity by Rachel Astyk - Why wait for a crisis to evaluate your finances?
Thinking About Finances by Gary Foreman
Women and Money by Jane Chidester
My Story: On Being Poor by Darla B.

Finances, Planning

Finance, Checkup
Finance, Job Loss
Finance, Planning
Finance, Retirement

Finances, Planning

Take a Guess! by Joel Fink - Could guessing improve your finances?
Video: How to Live Like a Millionaire by Gary Foreman - Interview with Dominique Brown of
Small Financial Changes by Gary Foreman - How small changes to your finances could make a big difference.
Managing Money during Different Stages of Life by Bill Hardekopf - Adjust your plans to match your age.

My Story: Where Will You Be in 5 Years? - Making your goals a reality
Having a Plan - Could the key to success be so easy?

Finances, Reducing Expenses

Stealing Your Own Money by Rich Finzer - Could you really be stealing from yourself?
Could Acquired Needs Theory Save You Money? by Lynn Bulmahn - How an economic theory reduces your expenses
Gain more by spending less - When it comes to material possessions, could you gain more by having less?
5 Ways to Save $200 a Month by Ted Hunt - You can save $200 each month by using these tools.
5 big bills you can cut fast - Rising prices and a sinking economy are pushing families to the brink. Here are five ways to cut costs fast.
5 simple ways to save money in 5 minutes - Time is money, even just a few minutes. Find out how to cut costs in that little time.
4 Ways to Save During the Workweek by Gianna Clark - Do more with your take home pay.


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Free Help!

5 types of freebies you can snag today - Here are five ways you can snag some great, legitimate freebies online.
Government Assistance
Understanding Freebies - Does free always mean free?
Freecycle - Free is a good price!
Cooperative Extension Resources by Deborah Taylor-Hough - They offer more than you think
Free Information for Small Business by Maria Marsala
Freebie School by Heather Medes
Queen of the Freebies by Patricia Chadwick
Saving Money on Freebies and Discounts by Melanie L. Ellis
Internet Shopping for the Savvy Consumer by Lillian Villanova
Do You Have Unclaimed Property?
Free Stuff for Kids and Teachers: Summer Fun
Free Stuff for Kids and Teachers: Free Books by Julia Jay
Share Food Program by Sherri Goodwin
Getting The Most from Your Cooperative Extension Services by Bonita Sakadales

Funerals, and Related Issues

Estate Management
Estate Planning

Funerals, Costs

Are Prepaid Funerals a Grave Mistake? by Rick Kahler - What you should know before you purchase a prepaid funeral policy.
How to Plan a More Affordable Funeral by Debra Karplus - Respect for your loved one doesn't have to be overly expensive.
10 facts funeral directors may not tell you - Shop around, bypass embalming and take other steps to save money on funeral expenses.
How to Minimize Funeral Costs by Gail Rubin - You don't have to pay full retail for a beautiful funeral.
Frugal to the End by Deborah Jeanne Sergeant - How to save on funeral expenses.
Frugal Funeral Planning by Mike Boyd - Prepay to save
Funeral Preparations by Joyce Moseley Pierce - Be prepared for the inevitable
Reducing Funeral Costs - You can't take it with you, but this is ridiculous!
Funeral Expenses: Saying Goodbye to Granny by Samantha Clark
Comments on Funeral Article
Nothing's As Sure As... by Gary Foreman
Prepaid Funerals - Do prepaid funerals help you to make better decisions and save money?

Funerals, Estate Management

Is wife liable for deceased husband's debt? - Before you give in to a debt collector's demands to pay up, you should know your rights.
How to request credit freeze for a deceased loved one - Having to settle a deceased person's estate is hard enough without roadblocks from credit bureaus.
The first steps to take when settling an estate - Losing a loved one can be devastating. Here's a guide to help you settle the estate.
How to sell your late parents' possessions - How do you dispose of the items you inherited? One way is to hire an estate liquidator.
How to ensure your heirs aren't locked out of your online accounts - Digital companies like Facebook and iTunes make you sign agreements that prevent your heirs from accessing your accounts, but new legislation may change that.
Hiring an appraiser to value an estate - Before you dump Grandma's old desk in a garage sale, find out what it's worth.
Should kids pay mom's debt after death? - When a parent dies with a few debts, are those debts passed on to the children?
7 tips if you are the executor of an estate - Handling the affairs of the deceased doesn't have to be overwhelming if you're organized.
My Story - Estate sale 'handlers'
Disposing of Estate Property - Choices for a difficult time

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Estate Planning

Basics and FAQs
Guidelines and Advice

Estate Planning, Basics and FAQs

Expert Interview: Common Estate Planning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them by Gary Foreman - Don't make a mistake that can't be corrected.
Expert Interview: Should You DIY Your Own Estate Plan? by Paige Estigarribia - Some DIY projects save money. Others don't.
Understanding the basics of estate planning - Here's why you need a plan for the distribution of your assets, no matter what your age.
Expert Interview: What Is a Revocable Living Trust? by Gary Foreman - Should a trust be part of your estate planning?
Understanding the basics of estate planning - If you don't plan for the distribution of your assets, your state has a backup plan for you.
Estate planning mistakes to avoid - The only easy part of estate planning is the ease with which huge mistakes can be made.
Estate planning: DIY or pro? - You need a pro when designing an estate plan. But you can do some things yourself.
Estate-planning Q&A - Our financial planning expert answers your most common questions about estate planning.
At what point should you have a living will, medical power, durable power, and will in place? - It's important to have paperwork in place, including durable financial and medical powers of attorney along with living wills, health care directives and convenience accounts.

Estate Planning, Wills and Trusts

Expert Interview: What Is a Revocable Living Trust? by Gary Foreman - Should a trust be part of your estate planning?
Writing a Will by Gary Foreman - How to write a will that will protect your heirs.
Should you have a will? - As much as we may dread it, death is inevitable. That's why everyone needs a will.
How to start writing your will - Making a will isn't fun, but you can simplify the process with these steps.
At what point should you have a living will, medical power, durable power, and will in place? - It's important to have paperwork in place, including durable financial and medical powers of attorney along with living wills, health care directives and convenience accounts.
Making a do-it-yourself will - If legal bills aren't in your retirement budget and your financial situation isn't complicated, one place to start is with an online, do-it-yourself form.
6 surprising facts about a living revocable trust - It might be cheaper to process a living trust than a will -- and other surprising facts.
Creating a trust that evolves with changing needs - You can save a bundle on estate taxes and still have a trust that meets your shifting goals.

Expensive Legal Documents by Gary Foreman - Do I need a lawyer for a trust or will?
Preparing a Simple Will Inexpensively
Death, Wills and 2nd Marriages by Gary Foreman - Making sure your money goes where you want it to.

Estate Planning, Guidelines and Advice

How to Choose an Executor for Your Estate by Gary Foreman - An important decision that affects your family and loved ones.
Choosing a Trustee by Rick Kahler - How to choose the right trustee.
Estate Planning Without Your Spouse by Rick Kahler - What to do when your spouse doesn't want to plan end of life affairs.
End-of-Life Planning Everyone Needs to Do by Gary Foreman - There's more than simple healthcare planning to do.
Video: Important Papers to Get Organized for Your Heirs by Gary Foreman
Estate Planning Decisions by Rick Kahler
Estate Planning In a Second Marriage by Gary Foreman - Making sure your estate is distributed according to your desires.
Estate Planning for the Soon to be Retired by Gary Foreman - Advice from an estate planning attorney.
6 Things to Do With Your Children Before You Leave Them an Inheritance by Rick Kahler - Some things can't wait until you're gone.
5 hard questions when leaving an inheritance - You don't want your family to fight over your money. How much do you leave and to whom?
Leave beneficiary cash or an intact IRA? - The decision depends on how much tax would be owed now versus how much would be owed later.
How to avoid a family feud over an inheritance - Sibling rivalries and grief can ignite a family feud after you're gone. Remove the kindle now.
Avoiding a cash crunch after a spouse's death - Cash flow problems following a spouse's death can be alleviated by taking these steps.
Quiz: See if you have the right end-of-life documents to settle things - Prince's death highlights the importance of wills. See if you have the right documents.
DIY no substitute for lawyer in estate planning - Lawyers are costly, but hire one anyway to draw up these complicated estate documents.
Prepare for your digital afterlife - Do you want your children reading your emails? Here are some things to consider about managing your digital assets.
Must my adult kids pay off my credit cards when I die? - Weigh these factors when determining who's on the hook for your card debt when you die.
What's the best way to save home for heirs? - Find the right approach so your kids will have the cash to take ownership of your home.
5 wise estate-planning steps - You can't take it with you, but you can make a good plan for leaving your wealth to the right people.
Why you need a digital map of your life - How to ensure that your loved ones can find your logins, passwords and other vital information.
End-of-life planning tips - What happens if something happens to you? You've done your job only if you've put a protection plan in place.
You're dead. What about Fido? - Make provisions for your pets a part of your retirement planning so that they remain well cared for even after you are incapacitated or die.
Getting your affairs in order, including digital assets - It’s better to come to grips with an eventuality by looking at the basics of estate and life planning.
Create a digital estate plan - Here are some tips on how to make sure your online assets pass to your heirs.
Estate planning checklist for young folks - An estate plan is not just for old, rich folks. Young people need to have a plan in place, too.
4 estate planning tips for unmarried couples - No marital "piece of paper"? Just don't go without wills and other vital financial protections.
Choosing a Guardian for Your Child by Paul Williams - It could be the most important decision you make for your child.
If Something Happens to You - Taking steps to put your legal and financial affairs on autopilot.
Avoiding Your Parents’ Debts
What If Something Happened to You? - Making sure your family is taken care of
My Story: Leaving Heirlooms - Making everyone happy after you're gone
How to Distribute Heirlooms
Who Gets What? - Estate planning for a second marriage
Preparing for the Inevitable by Nita Jackson - Often not discussed, but still very important
Preparing a Simple Will Inexpensively


How to know if you are owed an inheritance - Here's where to look if you aren't sure whether you've had an inheritance left to you.
How to determine if your parent left behind a will - If a parent died and you haven't heard about a possible will, here's what you should know.
Who inherits after a parent dies? - After a parent dies, the estate must be settled. One key question: Does a will exist?
7 downsides of inheriting wealth - Inheriting money can create a lot of problems. Being prepared helps heirs deal with it.
How to Waste a Sudden Inheritance by Gary Foreman - Don't let 'found' money slip through your fingers.
Finding an Inheritance by Gary Foreman - How to find money left to you.
How to Find an Inheritance - How can she find out if her Dad left her any money?
Avoiding Your Parents’ Debts
Jewelry Appraisal - How much is that old jewelry worth?
Inheriting Debts - Can you be held responsible for a loved one's debts?
Inherited Debts? by Gary Foreman - Can she inherit her parent's debts?


Baby Furniture
Repairing, Refurbishing and Restoring

Furniture, Buying

Personal loan vs. the store's loan for furniture - No-interest furniture loans are very enticing. Consider the downside before getting one.
Slideshow: Furnishing a First Apartment by Pam Hutzler - Don't sign up for years of payments for furniture.
How To: Mattress Buying - What should you consider when you go mattress shopping?
Outdoor Furniture for Less by Chantal King - How one family found outdoor furniture for less.
How to Buy a Mattress by Debra Karplus - Buying the right mattress for your sleep needs.
My Story: Why I Buy Estate Sale Furniture contributed by Debbie - Estate sales offer great furniture at bargain prices.
First Furnishings by Rebecca Rogge - Furnishing your first apartment.
Small Furniture - Finding furniture for smaller spaces. (3/30/09)
Adjustable Beds- Are they worth the higher price tag? (3/9/09)
Antiques for Frugal Home Decorators (2/19/07)
Furniture Buying Tips - 9 ways to buy furniture for less. (2/5/07)
Furnishing a First Apartment - Finding cheap furniture for your first home. (11/12/07)
Why Buy it New When You Can Buy it Used? (1/22/07)
Top Ways to Save Big on Furniture (8/28/06)
My Story: You Can Win at an Auction (7/24/06)
Decorating with Yard Sale Finds (7/24/06)
Furniture for Less (7/4/05)
Low-Flush Toilets - Finding a 'one-flush' model (3/28/05)
My Story: Quality Furniture for Less (3/7/05)
Buying Furniture for Your Home - spending enough, but not too much (1/31/05)
Buying Furniture Direct - Does it pay to go direct to the manufacturer? (4/18/05)
Buying Big Ticket Items - Could an auction save you money? (11/29/04)
Same as Cash? by Damon Carr - Only if you don't fall into one of their traps (3/24/03)
Buying Replacement Windows - Single-pane, double-pane, insulated? What's the best value? (11/18/02)
My Story: The Desired Sofa at a Desired Price - by Anita - Do your homework and save considerable amounts of money (7/1/02)
The Cheapskate's Guide to Factory-Direct Outlets by Jo Stewart Wray - Finding the best deals (10/29/01)
Replacing a Furnace - A mistake could cost you for years to come (3/5/01)
Buying Furniture for Less (10/23/00)
Buying Replacement Windows - The Natural Handyman (3/6/00)
Buying Furniture by Phone (9/6/99)
Rent to Own by Gary Foreman (2/15/99)
An Insider Look: Buying a Mattress by Trish Chapanian (9/28/98)
Quality, Inexpensive Furniture: Can It Be Done? - Reader's Recommendations (6/15/98)

Furniture: Repairing, Refurbishing and Restoring

How to Repair Nail Polish Acetone Damage on a Wooden Table - Is there a way to repair/refinish just a small area?
Cheaply Removing A White Heat Stain from a Wood Table
Refurbishing Patio Furniture on the Cheap - Take the do-it-yourself approach and save money by restoring your own patio furniture.
How to Restore Old Wood Furniture - Making old wood furniture look new again
Refinishing Furniture With Linseed Oil
Budget Furniture Fix-Ups by Kathleen Wilson - A new look for less
Staining Wood - The Natural Handyman - Do it right to avoid blotches

Furniture, Repurposing

Repurposing an Entertainment Center - Can they give this nice piece of furniture a new life?
How to Reuse an Entertainment Center - What can you do with an old entertainment center.
How to Repurpose Old Furniture by Lynn Bulmahn - Repurposing old furniture creates a unique look inexpensively.
Furniture Remakes - Transform what you already have
Budget Furniture Fix-Ups by Kathleen Wilson - A new look for less

Furniture, Reupholstery

DIY Patio Furniture Cushions
Slideshow: Affordable Reupholstery by Pam Hutzler - A new look for your furniture for less
Cheap Sofa Reupholstery by Gary Foreman - Are their affordable ways to reupholster a sofa?
Slipcovers for a Budget Furniture Makeover by Simon Phillips - Giving old furniture a new life. (6/9/08)
My Story: Easy Reupholstery - From thrift store draperies to "new" couch cover (8/30/04)
Leather Upholstery Repair (11/10/03)
Inexpensive Reupholstery - Updating your furniture for less (9/29/03)
Do-It-Yourself Reupholstery - Should you do it yourself? Or are there ways to get a discount job? (2/26/01)

Furniture, Electronics

See Electronics

Furniture, Other

Picking a Treadmill (1/3/05)
My Story: Trust the Experts - Dare to compare (6/30/03)
When Big Purchases Go Bad - Getting what you paid for (5/12/03)
Carpet Cleaners and Shampooers (3/8/99)

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