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Surviving Tough Times

June 28, 2017
Volume 10, Number 26

by Gary Foreman

Hello to All My Frugal Friends!

I know it's not until next week, but I'm really looking forward to the 4th of July for a bunch of different reasons.

First, I am excited because I like outdoor cooking, especially BBQ. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, we have a whole library section with grilling tips and tricks. Even if you're an experienced grillmaster, you'll probably find a few time- or money-saving ideas to make you even better.

Secondly, I'm grateful that we can pursue financial freedom. Whether it's a struggle or comes easily, we have the choice to make decisions that will make us more free in our finances. We like to think that here at TDS, we're part of that pursuit of financial freedom.

The third reason I especially like the 4th of July is because of what the holiday celebrates, which is our overall freedom. As Mrs. Dollar Stretcher will tell you, I'm a pretty independent person. I think that rules should be kept to a minimum. You should be free to live your life and make your decisions. I should have the same freedom for my life, and we should both respect each other's freedom.

I consider myself fortunate to live in the U.S. where that's still largely true. It does seem that we have more and more rules, but according to the Human Freedom Index, the U.S. ranks 23rd in freedom. My hope and prayer is that we maintain that freedom.

So here's to a wonderful holiday. Enjoy a grilled burger and a cool drink. Maybe take a swim in a local lake or pool. And...

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Getting Elderly Mom to the Doctor's Office
My mom is in her 80s and doesn't drive anymore. She uses a wheelchair and needs help getting to her various doctor's appointments. I can't afford to take a half a day off every time she has an appointment. She's tried some senior transport services but doesn't really like them. A friend suggested I find a college student who would like to make some money. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?

Please send your answers to CanYouHelp@stretcher.com with "Getting Mom to Doctor" as the subject. We'll include the best solutions in future issues.
Yes, We Can Help This Reader
Preparation Steps to Take As You Close In on Retirement
If you have much money in a 401k, make sure you convert it to a Roth IRA if it is a "regular" IRA now. Otherwise, you will be taxed on the minimum withdrawal requirement when you reach 70 1/2. I didn't do that, so I suffer the consequences.

You'll find more on the preparation steps to take as you close in on retirement here.

This Week's TDS Readers' Tips
Cooking for one or two, enjoying the national parks, saving on a new-to-you bike, finding hardcover books for less, and much more!
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