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Dear Dollar Stretcher Reader,

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Matt Lichlyter copied The Dollar Stretcher on an email he sent to the people he was working with at SBI!. Matt is not a paid spokesman. Just a Dollar Stretcher reader who is using SBI! to build his internet business. We thought that you'd want to see it.

Hello Natasha, Daniel, David and Don,
I just wanted to say a "thank you" and a "WOW" to SBI.

I put my first few pages of my SBI site,, up about three weeks ago. I was thinking that I was going to have to put up at least 20 pages, and have my site up for a few months before Google and the search engines would find my site and start driving traffic to it...

I was wrong...

My home page and a few pages went up August 20th. Even without me doing ANY site maps or marketing to the search engines, my site pages were spidered by Google on August 24th. By the end of August I had over 290 visitors to my site! I'm starting off September with traffic already being generated and I don't even have all of my pages spidered yet!

All I did was follow the Action Guide, take the time to build the pages the way SBI recommends, follow the advice and instruction of Bernie Malonson, the SBI instructor, and the results were fantastic! Bernie's insights, including helping me pick the domain name, have really helped a lot!

I'm now about three weeks up, and I just did a Google keyword search for "Restaurant Food Safety"... I was 8 of about 1.2 million sites in the organic search! I was knocking off government web sites, and those "big boy" SEO sites! I couldn't believe it! And all this is without me doing everything that I want to do!

All I could think was "OH MY GOSH, THIS WORKS!"

This is a great opportunity and I'm not done yet! I'm sure with SBI's help, I'm going to OWN my industry on the web!

Thank you, SBI!

Matt Lichlyter

We are proud to introduce you to and its president, Ken Evoy. Our mission is to help you to take control of your finances. For many of you that means starting an online business. We believe that SiteSell has the best and most affordable solution for achieving that - even if you have no prior experience whatsoever. Site Build It! ("SBI!").

And now, here is Dr. Evoy who will tell you more about our top site-building recommendation.

Wishing you great success,
Gary Foreman
Founder, The Dollar

Thank you, to all the great people at The Dollar We promise to take great care of your readers. Speaking Now To You, The Dollar Stretcher reader. The best way for you to understand exactly how and why Site Build It! ("SBI!") helps you succeed is to see it in action. Invest 30 minutes -- click to watch the video (opens new window).

You Recognize Value

As a regular Dollar Stretcher reader you want value. You're not likely to fall for any get rich quick scheme. You know that success in an online business takes hard work and an organized approach. What you're looking for is guidance to help make that hard work effective.

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It's A Noisy World

Between all the "Get-Rich-Quick" schemes and the loud, ubiquitous "cheap-quick-easy" promises of large Web hosting companies, it's hard for you to sort out the signal from all the noise. I can only assure you...

Site Build It! really does deliver -- 62% of SBI! sites actually make it into the Top 3% of all sites in the world. SBI! is the first software that moves its customers emotionally... Take a look at these amateur YouTube videos created by SBI! owners -- the passion speaks for itself.

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Any Questions?

Speak to an expert SBI! owner (opens new window) and get your answers. I appreciate the great faith that The Dollar Stretcher organization is putting in us. We do not pay TDS to do that because their only goal, like ours, is for you to succeed. And on that note...

We take this responsibility seriously. We are going to help you reach 100% of your potential. With SBI!, you focus on your business. We focus on your success.

Site Build It! Site Build It!

Ken Evoy

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