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Here at The Dollar Stretcher we're always looking for ways to make our money work harder for us. Sometimes we do that by finding a better deal when we're shopping. Sometimes we find that we don't have to buy an item at all. Sometimes all we have to do is barter something that we already have for something that we want.

Part of my job is to find good ideas to present to our Dollar Stretcher audience. I think that "Target Barter" is one of those ideas. Nothing particularly fancy here. Just a time-tested idea applied using some modern technology.

The results are a way for you to turn things that you don't need into things that you do without spending any money. And, that makes bartering a Dollar Stretcher.

The time-tested part is barter. It's been around forever. Cavemen (and women) were bartering. All through the ages people traded things they had for things that they wanted more. You probably even traded video games or Pokemon cards yourself. There's nothing mysterious about it.

Barter clubs added the possibility of multi-party trades. They, too have been around for years. In a club, I could trade my baseball cards to Mr. Jones and get a video game from Mr. Smith. The club kept track of the trades for us. There are many successful barter clubs. But, they were georgraphically limited. Mr. Jones, Mr. Smith and I needed to live or work in the same town or city.

The technology part has made it easier to barter. No longer do you and your video game trading friend needed to live on the same block or go to the same school. I can put something I no longer use (for instance an unused watch) on the Target Barter site and people all over the world can see it. So the number of potential trading partners goes up exponentially!

See how
Target Barter

Plus, I can see what people all over have available for trade! So Mr. Jones could live thousands of miles from me and we still could be part of a barter trade. The marriage of a barter club with technology means that I have the greatest possibilty of taking unused items in my home and turning them into things I want. Without spending cash or pulling out my credit card. That's the beauty of barter.

And, I'm not just limited to physical things. I can also trade my services or trade for services provided by others.

As a Trader, you have an account that functions just like a regular bank account. But instead of cash, your account will hold TargetBarter Dollars. will put you in touch with other Traders with goods and services, facilitate your bartering, and keep track of your TargetBarter Dollars, just as your bank would.

So here's what I'm suggesting. Visit Target Barter and check it out. It doesn't cost anything to join. In fact, we've worked out a special deal with Target Barter and any Dollar Stretcher reader that joins will get $1,000 in 'trade credit' (instead of the normal $250). Once you've joined, list an item or two that's good, but you don't need or use anymore (think last year's cell phone or blackberry, items that you'd consider regifting, items that you tried but didn't fit your lifestyle). Put those items on Target Barter and see what happens.

All you've invested is a few minutes of your time. But, you might have found a way to get the things you want without busting your budget!

Take a look at their video for more details. Barter clubs are not a difficult concept, but sometimes it helps to hear a second explanation.

Oh, and one final thing. As you know, we like to deal with companies with a track record. You'll notice that the Target Barter website is still growing. But the folks behind it have decades of experience in barter clubs. Their management team founded Global Trade Group Ltd. in 1979. GTG is a New York corporation located at 410 Park Ave. ( Suite 1530 ), New York, NY 10022, is one of the oldest and largest privately-held barter organizations in the country.

Please give barter a try. Once you do, let me know what you think about it. We'd like to know how it's working for you.

Keep on Stretching those Dollars!

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