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I need help saving money on everything

Consignment Shops

The most convenient way to find a list of consignment shops, resale shops, thrift shops and antique shops across the nation. Here you will find bunches of bargains for men, women and children.

The Dollar Stretcher monthly newsletter is filled with ideas to save you time and money. Each issue is designed to more than pay for itself in savings for you!

The Web Of Simplicity

Tools for those who are serious about learning to live a more conscious, simple, healthy and earth-friendly lifestyle. Featuring a 3000 page web site loaded with logical, step-by-step ideas, a free e-mail Newsletter, lists of support groups and study circles around the world, links to other earth-friendly web sites, and an on-line book store and resource centre.

Miserly Moms:
Living on One Income In a Two Income Economy

Yes, you can live on one income. Comfortably. Just like you do today. But there's a trick to making it work. You'll need to manage your household with the same skill you used to manage your job. That'll mean learning new talents, exploring new territory, trying new ideas. That's why "Miserly Moms" is an invaluable resource.

A Volition to Get FREE Stuff! Volition is the place where free stuff reigns supreme. You can find free stuff, free samples, coupons, promotions, cheap shopping, mystery shopping, surveys that pay and sweepstakes.

Frugal Corner
, Originally inspired by the Tightwad Gazette, the aim of this site is to provide and continually expand the informational resources needed to be successful at pursuing frugality. Because everyone has different priorities, the key is to minimize your spending of money and consumption of products in ways that allow you to be happy and not feel deprived

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